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2d World

I had been looking for shrooms for some time so when i scored 4 grams of beautiful shrooms i was stoaked.

I had been looking for shrooms for some time so when i scored 4 grams of beautiful shrooms i was stoaked. I planned to do it at around 5pm and trip at a friends party. I ate the shrooms dry with about a gallon of orange juice in my friends car. By the time we got to Carrows to chill before the party i could already feel them. My stomach was feeling kind of queasy and i was feeling very detached. We sat down at a table and then it really hit me. I tried to act normal but it diddent work, i stared at the ice in my glass for about 30min because it looked like a glacier. Then my friends went out to get stoned so i was sitting there all alone. Thats when i had a really wierd experience, I could hear every conversation that was going on but everyone else in the room was talking in gibberish. Then the table underneath me kept moving so i had to hold onto it. The colors were not as good as i expected but everything looked very sharp and contrasted, tables stood out and the patterns in the carpet looked really cool. In fact it looked like a really long hallway. Thats when it got really wierd, I started to hear a really rhymithic thumping sound which made me think that carrows was a huge machine and i was a part of it. Then i noticed the Watriss running around left really long and bright trails. By this time my friends came back really high and i told them what i was feeling so they proceded to fuck with my head. Then it was time to go so i looked down at myself to get money out to pay the bill and i noticed something really bad. I was not in the 3d world anymore but i had become two-dimentional. My arm had no depth, my legs were just drawings on the seat. This of course posed problems with getting the money out of my pocket, I think it ended up crawling out by itself. It was really hard to walk out of Carrows and i had to stop to rest every few steps. Then i took a ride in my friends car to the party and this was living hell. The reason for this was that i started to review my life and realized that everyone had a plan but me, i could see where all my friends were going to be in 20 years but i couldent see myself. Then for some strange reason i wanted to go home and bond with my parents, do some homework. This went over and over in my head for the entire ride. Anyway i got to the party and sat down with this chick i really like and bounced a ball back and forth, this seemed to make the trip better because i forgot about my life problems. Then they tried to lock me in a room full of trippy shit but i diddent want to go and i was trying to act normal which is really hard when your 2d. I came down really quick and it felt really great, almost better than the trip was. I felt that i had examined my life and was better prepared. I then got really drunk. It did not last as long and i did trip again a few months later, but thats another story. All in all i like mushrooms and want to try them again and i want to fry as well. Thanks for reading this.


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