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Sunset at Noon

My first trip, an overall positive experience.

I had been wanting to do shrooms for about a month, but I had not been able to get a hold of them. One day, when I was at my friend's house, my friend (called X) showed me he had gotten some shrooms. I was pretty excited and then we planned a day where we could trip for my first time. X had already tripped a few times.

We chose a park, with a big open field and some trees to one side. So at around 10:15am one morning X and I met, along with W and Y, at this park. W and Y had each tripped once, but their dosage was very low. There were a few people besides us in the park, but they weren't paying attention to what we were doing. So we sat down in a circle, X handed us our shrooms (around 3 grams of dried cubes each), and we ate them. Everyone else seemed disgusted by the taste, so I ate each couple of shrooms with a blackberry to avoid the unpleasant taste. It worked.

Then after we each had finished our share, we sat there waiting. Then Z showed up on his bike, who had the most experience with shrooms. We started playing frisbee, and this is where the trip started.

My stomach didn't seem that upset from the shrooms, but it wasn't feeling normal. So I sat down and watched the others play frisbee. I noticed tracers as the frisbee moved from one person to another, and I quickly got excited that the trip was beginning. The next sign was the grass. It began rippling... at first only slightly but then it was very noticeable and very real. It looked as though dozens of gophers were darting under the grass. W, X, Y, and Z had stopped playing frisbee. Z and X sat down next to me, and W and Y walked away somewhere.

By now it was about 10:45. I looked at my hands, and this is where the trip started taking off. They appeared very white, and very unproportional. The fingers looked shorter and my palm bigger, and they seemed to inflate and deflate as I breathed. Also, I couldn't see any wrinkles or hair on my hand. It just looked a uniform white.

During this time I had gradually begun not to talk, at all. So then when X and Z asked me a question, I looked at them but did not respond. I returned to looking at my hands, but decided they scared me too much so I put them on the ground to hide them from my view. But then I felt the ground, and I could feel the dirt and the grass in so much detail and it felt very good. A fly landed on my shoe and I looked at it for a long time, and watched it as it cleaned itself. It looked amazing.

Then I felt the bottom of my shoe and I could feel all the ridges and everything. I turned my attention upon the ground and looked at all the blades of grass. I looked a twig and it appeared to wiggle and move around, and was very distorted and snake like. As I was looking at this the sun got enormously hotter, and I felt as though I was on fire. I then moved to the shade. Here I watched as freckles on my legs danced around.

It was about 11:30 I think, and we all gathered in a circle. I was very out of it now, contemplating about my life and what it actually means to live and what consequences are. Then paranoia settled in. A little bit away from us there was a lemonade stand. I was sure they kept looking over at me. I immediately got scared and thought what if I got caught? My phone rang and startled me, and I reached to turn it off with much difficulty. At this point I was out of reality. I stared at the ground for about an hour and a half, thinking and worrying. Throughout this my friends where talking, sometimes playing frisbee, I'm not exactly sure.

I remember one instance where I was brought out of my trance when X shouted "Is that your dad over there?!" I turned around horrified. It wasn't, but I was scared and paranoid for a while after that. When I looked at people's faces I could see there eyes moved about and wiggle around their face. They seemed very liquidy. The sky was so colorful, and my vision felt very slow motion. I kept asking questions like "Are we acting normal?" "What is normal?" "How long does this last?" "I don't know what's happening?". I was scared and amazed at the same time.

Finally, probably at around 1-2pm, we got up and walked over to a less open space. The sky was so colorful and pretty, and everything looked surreal. It was like another world. It also felt like I was in one big sunset, and I liked it very much now. I got more energy and became euphoric. Z gave me his bike to hold and I liked feeling the handle bars and the seat. It was very difficult walking but we managed to settle somewhere else.

Throughout this time, I had absolutely no sense of time. I was shocked afterwards that my friends said I looked at the ground for about an hour and a half. It felted like eternity and also like a second. It was definitely amazing.

At this point I was very happy and the trip was coming to an end. Shadows were bouncing everywhere like little animals, and light seemed to glimmer and dance around the ground. I began talking a lot and was ecstatic. I reached to feel the ground and it felt amazing.

As the trip came to an end, the colors faded and I regained my senses. It was around 2:30 to 3. Now I began to felt sick (probably from not eating or drinking since the morning) and I felt extremely tired. I immediately said I was not going to trip again.

But now I want to do it again. As time goes on it seems like the experience keeps on getting more positive and positive.

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