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My Magical Journey

My first trip

This is the best accounting I can give of my first experience with mushrooms which occurred yesterday.

I took the mushrooms blended with orange juice at 3:20pm and waited anxiously for the effects to start. I turned off my phone and turned on some Pink Floyd. At almost exactly 3:40 I began to have slight visual hallucinations. I was very nervous but was definitely prepared to just go along for the ride. I was looking at the brick fireplace and it started to "breathe." I was unsure if I was really seeing what I was seeing, and began to walk around my house. I looked at the wood grain on my floor, and it was swimming, and the patterns of the wood blocks stood out vividly like a magic eye picture of Tetris blocks. I went back to the fireplace, and now bricks were "popping out" straight at me and sinking back in rapidly and one at a time. I began to pace back and forth on the tan carpet in my living room, which was unfurling beneath me with each step I took and no sooner than a second before my foot touched the ground. I felt giant and I thought I was a giant walking through a desert. I went  to the kitchen and the floor had become rounded as if it were stretched over a barrel and was all being sucked directly under the fridge. I began to get an intense urge to go outside but was afraid of looking too spaced out to my neighbors. I looked at the clock after what felt like ages and it was 4:00 and went and sat on my porch. I had not noticed the music since I had started hallucinating, but after stepping outside I noticed the lack of it.

I live on the bank of a large tranquil river and was lucky that it turned out to be such a beautiful day. I ventured out near the river and lied down on a bench around our fire pit. I remember feeling glad for this because I was feeling nauseous and this was very soothing.  I stared up at the beautiful blue sky and watched the white puffy clouds roll around and change into different forms. At this time I experienced the curvature of the earth in a way I can only describe as seeing a picture shot through a "fish-eye" lens. Only I did not only see it, I was a part of it.  I was the earth.

I sat up to go inside to tell my sister and I noticed how vivid and green the grass was. I looked at it and I saw new blades of grass popping up rapidly as if I were watching a time lapse video of a lawn growing. I sat and watched that for a while then went back inside. It was about 4:30 pm now, and I really started to enjoy the music. I sat on my couch and the room kept shrinking and expanding and the floor was rocking back and forth. This started to make me sick again so I went back outside and lied down.

While lying there, I had a quasi-out of body experience in which I saw an image of myself in the sky, lying in my exact position. The sky was also covered in criss-crossing crystalline rainbows. After this I understood completely my place within nature, and lost all concept of money, worries, and ego. I tried to remember why doing drugs was "bad" and couldn't. I tried to remember the meaning of the word "hippie" and why I thought they were bad, but could only understand natural beings who loved nature. I lost all judgmental thought, and I loved everyone. I was euphoric, but it wasn't a false euphoria. It was so pure it is undescribable.

Around 6:30 the visual hallucinations had all but worn off and I felt exhausted from the emotional high I had been on. I still had no concept of time, and also could not realize why things were labeled as "big" or "small." I took a shower and turned my phone back on. I was still confused about the time, but most of my normal thought processes returned. I began to get very depressed as I remembered how I felt, and I realized that it was only temporary. Also I realized how, in comparison to my altered mindset, my actual mindset was far more depraved and pathetic. I became very depressed for the rest of the night.

However, the next day (today) I have felt good all day, and am looking forward to getting back in touch with mother earth sometime soon.

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