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The day my life made sense...

A couple days ago I had my first mushroom trip. My friend and had thought about doing shrooms for a while. We were super excited when we got them, and planned a night to do them. We both had looked up a lot about magic mushrooms so we felt we were prepared to do them. This is what happened:

We started eating the mushrooms at 12:00 am at his house. We split an 1/8th. We went down to his basement and put some music on, and looked at videos on the net while waiting to feel the effects of the mushrooms. About half an hour later we both started to feel a bit different. I think it was hitting me a bit faster cuz I am smaller than him (i'm a girl). 

45 minutes after eating the shrooms was when we really started to feel them. We moved to his living room in his basement and were just sitting there, explaining to each other how we were feeling. Everything started to get reallllly interesting. Colours looked brighter - they sorta "popped". We weren't really sure what to do. We sat for a while and then I began to get some visuals. The wood on the wall started to turn dark brown, back to light brown, dark brown, sort of in cycles. I looked at my friend, and he looked at me. The coolest thing happened. As he turned his head and changed his expression, I could still see where his head had been, and his former expression. I kept looking down at my body and feeling like it wasn't attached to me. We both picked up a couple Dr. Suess books and flipped through them (really cool to look at fyi). After about half an hour inside, we felt like we needed to go outside. When we got to the door, he wasn't sure what shoes to wear. That's when a certain pair of shoes started talking to him. They Really wanted to go outside! So he picked those. We started laughing at his talking shoes. Then we went outside...

Once we got outside, we felt so good. We went to his backyard and he layed on his trampoline. I wandered around the backyard. It was really dark so I could see a lot of shadows. The trees were forming patterns. I went on the trampoline with him and layed down. I glanced at the trees and noticed that they looked like Majora from Zelda: Majora's Mask (lol). It almost looked scary but then I reminded myself that trees give us oxygen, and we give them carbon dioxide, so they were just joking around and aren't actually scary. I looked at the sky, and it took my breath away. The stars were forming really cool patterns. It looked like they were all connected. I remember seeing a space ship, and different fractal type patterns. It looked like they were forming words, but I couldn't quite make them out. (Maybe I'll be able to see them next time). I got up off the trampoline and wandered up to the deck. There was a squirrel ornament holding a solar light. I went up to it and the squirrel turned to me and smiled. I got my friend and showed him, it did the same thing! It was really awesome. Then we decided to go for a walk.

As we were leaving his back yard, we noticed that from laying on the trampoline, the blood rushed to our head. So we sat on a little hill to make the blood flow to our feet. We heard a car coming and saw lights so we crouched down and crawled behind his car, and started creeping haha. The car passed and we got up. We grabbed our bikes and started to bike down the street. He said "Lets go really fast" so we biked as hard as we could. It felt like I was going to take off and fly! Then we headed back to his house, ditched the bikes, and went for a walk. We got to a field and walked out to it. We started talking, really deep. We both wanted to "just go". Just leave everything and explore the world. We knew we had responsibilities and everything but it was such a strong desire for both of us. We kept walking, but noticed a police car driving on a road near the field. We both thought it would be best to head back. We kept talking and it felt like we were connecting in a way we never had. I really think it deepened our friendship. 

When we got back to his house, we went back to the basement. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, it felt like everything was vibrating - only for a few seconds - then everything stopped vibrating. I loved the sensation. We sat on the couch and listened to music. We talked about being blind, and how we would feel and use our other senses. After talking about that, my other senses felt stronger. Vision wasn't as important. 

After a while, we came down from the shrooms. We could still feel them a bit, so decided to smoke some ganj. We went to his garage and smoked a joint, and it was amazing! I felt great. We continued talking and came back inside. We drank some milk and ate a peanut butter sandwich. We talked about animals and how close we felt to them - we are both vegetarian so we felt a real connection to all animals. It was a great feeling :). I was getting really tired (it was 6am) so decided to go home. We both decided that we definitely want to do them again..

Overall, this was the best experience I've ever had on drugs. What I liked most about it was the amazing feeling I got - sort of a mix of clarity and revelations. I was aware of my life and the path i'm taking. It was also amazing to share the experience with my best bud. I thought it would all be about visuals and tripping out but it was so different than that. Next time I do them, I'm going to do a bit more... maybe a couple grams. 

I know that some people have bad trips on shrooms and I really feel bad for them - I felt like there is no way I could've tripped badly (I guess set and setting was just right... and right frame of mind.)

Happy Shrooming!!


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