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From bad to great?

2nd time

    Before this experience I tripped once before on half an 1/8. Which was an awesome day. So last 4th of July I wanted to take an 1/8 alone and watch the fire works at the local park. So I went to my dealer and asked for an 1/8, so he threw me a bag and I went on my way to the park. When I got there I sat down where me and my ex had our first kiss and sat there for a while watching kids play and families having BBQs which was nice. Ironically my ex calls me and says that her friend spotted me sitting in our spot and that she wanted to come talk. I didn't really like the idea at first but she said only for a few minutes and she would go. She was there in 10 min and she came up behind me and covered my eyes trying to play around if though she never cheated on me. I didn't take kindly to that. So she started to ask how I was and what I was up to these days she hasn't seen me in years. When we just broke up three months before. Then she tried to justify fucking around behind my back which just pissed me off. I just told her it was over, I think u should leave and  just not to speak to me anymore. she began to cry but I wasn't buying that. She tried to kiss me but I pushed the bitch away. So finally got the point and left but before she did she turned and said that I should learn to forgive people. Then I snapped and made sure she knew that fucking my the friend is unforgivable and I hoped that she one day would get cheated on by someone who she cares about. After she was out of site. I lit a cigarette and relaxed for a half hour before I took the fungi waiting patiently in my pocket.                                  The people began to move to the a better place to watch the fire works so I ate the whole bag and walked over to get a big botlle of water then went back to my spot to chill out and wait for the effects to hit. BOOM 15 min in and I'm feeling very heavy and I'm hearing shit this is weird. Everything is getting intence and I found myself reenacting the convo with my ex and forgetting when it happened. I then started to remember all the times we argued and I backed down and feeling really cowardly about it. And asking why I really got into MMA. Then I thought of how great it was to finally do something that I loved and something that wouldn't betray me. Why would it betray me I went to that gym every day and gave my all but I realized the only thing driving me was my anger about the breakup. And one day it won't help me and I need to find something to drive me to fight I'd I would fail at my new love. I began to go through all the shit that bothered me and forgot y I was listing these things I went through a cycle of the arguments and the discovery of a new passion and what would happen if the anger of a breakup would fuel me during a fight for about two hours until at one point  i saw a hill turn orange and become ten times bigger then it was. All of a sudden I just became scared and felt as though my life  would come to an end without fighting and that it was the only thing Albanian people are bread for ( I'm Albanian and trust me we are the angriest people around). I then got the feeling that I was going to fight forever and became afraid of the idea that I would be alone the rest of my life. I got up and went to walk up this orange hill I got to the top and sat there facing the spot where many good memories passed I then became mad and yelled out bitch at the top of my lungs which sent me into a place where all I saw was neon green spiraling around the stars over head I hagan to spin and hear myself telling my ex never to speak to me again. And hearing her telling me I needed to forgive people. Out of nowhere I got a phone call from my dealer telling me that he has been calling me for the passed two hours and asking if I ate the whole bag I said yes and that I'm scared that I'm gona hurt someone. He tells me thatvhe accidently threw me a bag with two 1/8 in it and he was comming to get me I got scared and felt as though I was in Vietnam and my dealer was the chopper comming to get me. At this point the fire works started and that Nam feeling just got real and the first thing I did was get in the woods and take cover from the barage of artilery. I could hear yelling in the distance thinking it was people dying.( kids cheering on the fire works). Wanting to help them but knowing that it was to late and hoping that if I get hit to die instantly. So I wouldn't come home missing parts. After about ten min of this feirce fighting I heard my name being called and there behind me was my friend and my dealer comming to my rescue. I got in the car and heard death cab for cutie I  felt totally relieved and I began to love my friends for comming for me. I then realized that friendship and love was all I really needed for fuel to fight. When we got to my buddies house I saw a bunch of guys I havnt seen in a while and began to talk about times passed. And that it was awesome to see eachother again. With a beer in my hand I got up called everyone over and toasted friendship. I came down seeing some 3D images and letting out laugh or two. Since this day I haven't read about many people comming from a bad to a good trip. I learned a lot about myself that day and think that's what shrooms do best they teach people about the deeper parts of themselves. Thanks for reading now go learn.

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