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My body...a messenger

One if the most intense spiritually awakening trips i've ever experienced. about 10g

So to give you some backround, this is a trip i'm recalling from about 6 years back, one of the last times I tripped...(i know, time to get with it again) which is why i'm here in the first place. The experience never left me, & always remained somewhat fresh when i think about it. Mostly because it was one of the most healing experiences, if not, THE most out of everything i've tried.
This was not my first experience on mushrooms, but it was the first one that hit me so intensely...previous to and since this experience, i have tried quite a few things here and there, but always went back to smoking herb and ocassionally a trip or 2, but lately, this one keeps coming back to my thoughts and calling me back to experience it again if possible. I am 27 now, and can't think of anything i need more in my life right now then to go up to my head and re-arrange a few cluttered objects around. Keep in mind this was 6 years ago, but that will just make the story shorter and less boring because only the most vivid of it remains anyways.

So the first month in my new apartment, living with (at the time) my best friend Dave and this smoking hot girl i just met that was already living there, Jenn, whom at the time i was banging even though she was engaged and my best friend Dave really liked her too. She turned out to be one of those really player type girls later and after we were through, she did about 9 other guys, married her fiance' and left him about a year later.
Anyway, there was a kid Trey who went to the same college as Dave and Jenn and he had just gotten cleared for a $3000 loan from his college for books or something. I had just recently  met him at the time and he was talking like he wanted to buy alot of herb and shrooms with the loan he had just gotten instead of books. So i tell him i know a guy who knows a guy and the 4 oz. of shrooms is no problem, it get's better...

I was pretty broke at the time and thinking a little sneakily how i could get some of these shrooms for free, so i tell him that the dealer doesn't wanna see anyone but me because he doesnt wanna meet new people (true) and that Trey can't go with me at all to pickup because of it. (lie) So i get to the guys house and i guess i didnt imagine what 4 dried ounces of shooms looked like, because i'm thinking it's gonna be like ounces of herb, so i didnt go in at all prepared to carry them out of the (closed) business he was working from at the time of the meet. So he hands me the giant pillow-pack style bag and i'm like, OK = ) and stuff it under my shirt just to walk to the car about 100 feet away.  Meanwhile shrooms start dropping out the bottom of my shirt  onto the concrete in front of the dealer (luckily known since i was a kid) and his EXTREMELY burnt-out friend who says "can i have the ones that fell on the floor?" (about an 1/8th or a little more)
and being that i didn't pay for them, I'm like "Sure!"  I get to the car and stuff about 15-20 more grams into the secret pocket of my backpack, a little greedy i know, but this wasn't his life savings it was money he had come across instantly and unexpectedly too, although that sounds like rationalizing it now.

Anyway i get home and the first thing he does is weigh it all out, realizing within 20 minutes that he is about an ounce light. So, i feel a little guilty, but can't wait for them to leave to some party down the street so i can eat these lovely cubs. He leaves after a few minutes because he already has customers bitching that they want theirs, lucky for me. So i gulp down about 8g, and start playing twisted metal on the playstation. Dave comes back from the party as my trip starts kicking in, because he is tripping by now too and i kept doing the special move of the disco guy in that game where he shoots a disco ball out at the enemy and it explodes into an array of flashing light-beams, maybe some of you know it. Dave and i eat a couple more grams and start showing eachother shit we're seeing around the apartment because by then we are full-on tripping colors and patterns. He keeps telling me to come outside and watch the grass grow. In retrospect i wish i did but there's only so much you can see at a time anyways. My interest was cought by a sponge-bob calendar that had bubbles for the days and a small trail of bubbles that was snaking it's way through them all, rising to the top as the other ones pulsed themselves larger and smaller. I say "DAVE!...c'mere and look at this shit!" He's in the bathroom wigging out about something he sees in there already. So he comes over an i tell him what i see, ask him if he sees it too and he says "I don't see anything" i say "just wait, do you see that bubble right there. it just did it again?" and he says "No, but thanks for making me stop and look at that because i saw something totally different" i still dunno what he saw but anyways. 

He leaves to go back to the party and i stay home mostly because i would look so obviously fucked right now and Trey is there, and i never bought any shrooms remember? So i put on some live drum & bass on the laptop going into the stereo to make it louder and so i could watch the DJ spin on the screen and start to dance alone in the house. Now. before this i have always been afraid to dance in front of other people because i thought i wasn't doing it right or whatever things clouded me up. So i get to thinking...being blasted  with multiple perspectives...multiple personalities about everything stupid like that that is a waste of my mind, energy and time...all the while I'm dancing, sweating, thinking. i kept looking at the laptop screen while i'm dancing every now and then just to see if anything unusual is going on and sometimes the screen just goes completely black, then returns to normal a little later. Still dancing and hearing a reaffirning conscience telling me that it doesnt matter as long as you feel okay, do it. I look down at my sweaty arms and they are dripping green sweat like on the gatorade commercials only much much realler. The green sweat starts to pour from my brow, dripping onto the floor and splashing into green puddles.  I start to feel a little bad that I'm having this much fun on something i stole from someone, because everything at this point is just A-FUCKING-MAZING...but the feeling doesnt really stick to me like when im sober because the mood of the moment has already got ahold of me tightly. While still losing myself between the beats of some incredible dnb i hear something very close to me that reminds me of fairies or elves in the excited tones they are speaking in and  then one of them says to me "Yah come on. Come Plaaay" So then i start dancing even harder. Inventing new moves and ways to move to the music because i know something else wants me to dance more badly then i even intended to to begin with.

Dancing, dancing some more, the room changeing and bending slightly, but i'm barely focused on it for now all of my ego is lost at this point and i'm pouring orange green and clear sweat when all of the sudden  from right behind my right ear, so close i could almost feel breath. I hear the most beautiful female voice i have ever heard say clearly and in a comforting, gentle tone like she had all the time in the world to say it, "My Body...a messenger" i had to stop dancing just to consider the many possible meanings of this, and to watch my cigarette shoot colored sparks 3 feet away as i inhaled and sometimes when i did not, and to take a much needed breather and have a drink of water. When i'd sit in the chair to rest, I felt myself going deeper inside myself through about 7-12 layers of being/personality as i felt myself slipping down mentally i felt the chair sinking deeper and my body posture mirrored this feeling. Then gradually i'd get walked back to the surface as things are now. I remember the levels all had rooms and different things going on inside, as if to show me the plannar existence of things and how the surface is just one part of it. INTENSE.

Later on that night Trey came home and i'm sure he realized i was fucked up on his supply. A number 10 girl that was one of Jenn's friends started kissing and touching me at the end of the night making it a fantastic way to finish such a journey, and then Jenn (first time tripping) comes into the room right before we have sex and says in a very childish voice "guys...what about me?"

Some time later, i couldn't get that phrase put of my head "my body...a messenger" and i googled it scanning everything i could find....turns out there was a guy, a swami or buddhist i forget, that moved to a secluded village in a sort of retreat from society. He was sort of heralded as a great person in the texts, and he spoke those exact same words once. the internet is amazing. So past lives, ESP, astral projection i dunno for sure but there's something to it i'm sure and i'll never forget the message. It also shines some light on what scares the government so much about us using these substances, kind of hard to control people who don't need YOU to tell them they are free when they can experience true freedom directly and from the tap.

Thanks for reading and i wish you all the very best in life. Peace 

Oh and if you are bored  FIGHT ME!!!

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