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My graduation night. amazing bliss

one hell of an awakening. best night of my life.

One of my good friends informs me he got something I could be interested in. I was for sure interested. Due to it was acid. I’ve always wanted to do shrooms and acid is in the category. He tells me he’s getting them from someone I know and I trust and also he is the kid who always has amazing shit. I couldn’t say no.


So I call up 2 of my buds and they want in on it too. I met up with my friend and hours roll by and he calls me back and says his phones about to die and the kid wont answer his phone and he ll be back in town in 20 minutes and he ll call me when he gets home when he charges it up. In my mind im fuckin pissed so he said he’d smoke us up that night.


An hour later I receive a call from the guy who has the shit and says he can send them in 45 minutes with his friend. I’m stoked at this point. To kill some time me and my 2 buds roll up at this bomb fire my friends were having and had a pretty killer time watching those kids play with the fire and share stories. Keep in mind that this is the time of our lives, we just graduated high school 8 hours before this.


Id say around 930 we actually got the goods and wow was I excited to finally trip acid. I’ve wanted the experience so bad but it was just rare. Once my friend showed me them I was down. I called up the kids who were at the party and told them to migrate away from everybody and get this shit. At first I didn’t want to take it while I was here cuz I didn’t know where I was going to stay so I waited. About 30 minutes go by and me and ONE of my friends leave the other 2 kids there to go to another one of my friends house.


We get there and ive all ready takin the sweet tart (2 hits on it) and my friend who was supposed to be there fuckin leaves and his mom is there trashed as fuck. We reeked of weed and she was smellin us and sayin wheres my son!! Is he drinking!! Wtf. So we get her to go upstairs and its been an hour by this point and i feel nothing and im startin to get pissed. I just felt a little floaty. I text those kids at the party and they agreed. So after we picked up after this trashed mom we finally get her to go to bed so we go down stairs and are kinda paranoid about her coming down when we are trippin balls but we just said fuck it.


1h 30 m we ve been trying to get aholf of the kid who sold it to us this whole time and we finally do. All he had to say was it’s the best shit the guy has had and we should wait it out. At this point we are there alone and we figure his moms passed the fuck out and we got sold bunk shit so he rolls a j of some gooooooood ass nug.


2 hours We hit it up outside and I really start to feel my heart pound. We get inside and I can’t really walk str8. After this I can not really tell you a time frame that good but I will try my best.  I start to play some halo and start to whoop some ass. That lasted a whole 1 game and then I start to trip balls. All of the sudden my friend who lives there shows up and just scares the holy fuck outta me. He was wasted as hell. This whole time I couldn’t tell you what my friend was doing because I don’t even know what I was doing haha


So as im attempting to play halo my heart is just racing and I really hated it. I didn’t wanna be THAT fucked up. It felt just like triple c’s. I see visuals but it just felt like it was liquid pushing out of my eye. I can’t sit still. My friend was so drunk he couldn’t tell I was tripping. At this point I really feel for my friend and start to think about how much of an alcohol problem he really has… I couldn’t say anything because I had an even bigger pill problem a month prior to this. I think about his dad abondonning him recently for some random girl and how his mom turned into an alcoholic as well.. I wished the best for my friend. Then all the sudden 3 more people show up. 1 kid that really annoys me and 2 great people. They didn’t ruin my trip at all. They did freak me out saying that if his mom comes down im fucked n shit. Then the annoying kid wanted me to come over and shit and it sounded good cuz I was freaked but I didn’t wanna leave my other tripped out friend. It had to of been an hour before they finally left and it was just me, tripped friend and my wasted friend. I remember this stupid fucking fan was going and going but I just couldn’t get up to turn it off. Every time I would remember id tell my friend HEY turn that shit off and we d both forget to.


I remember playing halo and it just not interesting me at all.. it was sad.. because I was facing the facts. Being good at halo means nothing, at all. After high school halo will mean nothing to people. A little history. I am known throughout my school for never losing a single 1v1 match in halo. To this day I still have not lost (sober that is.) I began to realize that it only matters to me and halo was a big influence. Then I connected some shit. Me and the kid who hooked us up with the acid was on my halo team… that’s why he called… ill go into this later.


At this point im just completely fucked I go into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror and watch my face move all over the place. Then I start to think about how acne is karma. Everything that ive done that’s bad I get a zit from haha pretty good thought cuz im no saint and I get fucked with acne.


After about 30 minutes of that and wandering downstairs lookn at shit we decide to watch the 420 episode of family guy my fav. It probably took me 30 minutes to work the tv cuz I just wanted to see everything that was on haha it was awesome. But then we got it. After watching halfway thru we are so zoned out on the dogs and talking that tv is not interesting enough. Not only that his mom was like 20 feet away sleeping and that’s just fuckin scary. So we go downstairs in that bull shit room. We trip there not long before I say lets find a coat and sit outside. OK for some weird ass reason I kept feeling an amazing sickness… like I really needed to blow chunks and it was getting hard to trip.. so I was uneasy at everywhere we were so id ssay lets do this and my friend would just be like okay haha


One thing I recommend when tripping is make sure at least ONE of ur fuckin phones are charged. Cuz this whole time we were freaking out about our friends cuz they still needed to drive home and they had to of been trippin hard too.


So anyways, we find a coat and I sit down just right outside the door at the patio and there was a deck above us and shit and we sit and chill and smoke some more as we talk. At this time I dunno what happened but my eyes just shot up at him and I get up and grab him and I say “DUDE. Outside.. lets go out there!! Omg out where we can see the stars and sky bro!” and omg this was the best most life changing decision ive ever made. We get out there and sit and just looked up. It was stormy and the clouds were everywhere but it wasn’t storming or lightning. It was perfect, beautiful. Then I told him I would be right back. I just had to throw up. I was tired of not bein able to just chill. So I run off lol I dunno why I ran so far. But then I just start blowing chunks. It looked red but I don’t even know. But then my world just starts turning and it intensified the trip by 3. oh man id try and answer my friend cuz he was askin if I was all right and id throw up in the middle of the sentence haha I thru up for a bit. But after that I just laid down outside and my friend laid there with me.


I finally could chill. This is where my trip was at its peak and I call it bliss. It had to of been three hours of talking answering questions you could never answer ever. I felt like god looking down at my life. I talked about our friendship. We started out smoking pot together. I smoked like 5 times before he smoked his first time but he smoked with me every time he smoked for 3 months at least. How we were both pot heads but he wanted his shit this way and I wanted mine that way. Everything was coming together. The sky was just zoning in and out up and down it was nothing short of beautiful. We talked of his relationship with his weird g/f haha good ass times. I talked to him for 3 hours non stop of everything in life. High school being so much bull shit. How if my friends mom comes out there that I wouldn’t even give a fuck because this world is just a bunch of bull shit. I made some damn good quotes. Too bad I only remember one. No matter how fucked up things can get or how good things get, somehow it will always change. – see everything is all about wanting shit. You want that girl so bad you d do anything. But as soon as she gives you a wif of her ass you ve all ready moved on. You get that sick ipod, but then you want that sick xbox. Wanting never ends. That’s why you need something shitty in ur life so you can keep yourself in check. I hope if you ve never done acid that makes sense??


Anyways ill wrap this up cuz the next part is probably only good if you knew us and were there.


So we get the urge to go back inside and wait for the morning really hopin my dad is gone n shit. So we finally leave and pass my house. Fuckin a my whole family is there and its about 7 am by the way. So we decided to act hung over and just go to my friends house. And god damn it worked. She even called my dad and said I was there. Cuz the whole time I was tripping my phone was dead which was really gay cuz by the time I was sober I was so scared my friend freaked out cuz his car was home and he wasn’t answering his phone. We later found out he just dropped his phone in the sofa and he was so intense on watching tv that he didn’t even think about his phone hahahaha what a dick.


Post trip= it made me realize soo many things and it was a very good point in my life to trip. I graduated, I had my old best bud with me, and the storm was amazing. I believe everyone needs to try LSD before they die. You get to be god for a day. Sorry it was so long fools. Trippin again tomorrow with 2 first timers. If you tell me you like I will type up my next trip.



PS don’t do shrooms after acid because its just not as good. To me that is. I would need 5 grams to be satisfied with shrooms.

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