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My frist trip on shrooms

A teenth (1.75g) of some amazing fungus.

It was about around March, 2009 when I was going up to Boone, NC to visit my brother at App State for the 3rd time and I was 17 years old. Up to this point the only drug I have ever tried was pot and I did that on a daily basis usually smoking only dank.
I called my brother to tell him I was almost arriving at his house, I also said I had about 20 bucks to spend on some bud. He then informed me that he had an ounce of some amazing mushrooms that people were saying are definitely worth 20 a teenth (1.75g) I told him to screw the pot and to weigh out a teenth before I get there.

I arrived roughly 45 minutes later and greeted all of my brothers roommates. A new guy named John started living with him since I last visited but he was just like the rest of him so I made fun of him in a friendly way, much like I do all of my brother's good friends. I then sat in the living room with everyone, smoked a few bowl packs of some Sour Diesel and moved to the black couch with tiny white dots on it.

I was very anxious to eat the mushrooms but my brother said he wasn't sure because all he had left was an eighth and nobody around Boone would buy a teenth. Luckily, John said he would buy it and would gladly trip with me since it would be my first time. Once that was said my brother handed me the mushrooms. I ate them slowly and tried to get over the taste, I would take a few bites then chase it down with a Miller High Life. I looked over and saw that John was already done, I suddenly felt like a noobie and just ate the rest in one huge bite.

A few minutes later I needed to use the bathroom, the bathroom was occupied by my brother's girlfriend so I went outside. Once out there I was thinking to myself, "Did I seriously just waste 20 bucks for this?" Because no one told me that it took about 20 minutes or so to kick in. Once inside about 15 minutes had passed since the consumption, I noticed John wasn't in the room.

Suddenly, everything got very quiet... I wasn't sure what was going on though. My brother stood in front of me and asked, "You feeling anything yet?" and as soon as he said that blinked and then I noticed tiny hieroglyphics starting to form and move all over his face. Then, they started to venture off and expand onto the walls. I replied, "I think so." John returned to the room and said, "I got stuck in the mirror again." It was apparent that he was tripping pretty hard already.

As the hieroglyphics began to change colors, I started to notice music in the background. My brother turned on some Pendulum, the song "Through the Loop" if I'm not mistaken, and my visuals began to synchronize with the beat of the music. I looked down at the spotted couch I was on and saw the tiny white dots move rapidly to the increasing beat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I turned to my brother and his friends and all I said was, "Wow...." They replied, "You havent seen anything yet."

After a few minutes of sitting there, embracing the music and watching the curtains move and the door frame shrink, my brother told me that he was invited to a keg party at a friends. I didn't know what it was at first, I just saw everyone getting up and moving so I followed.

Walking there was an amazing experience, I would hear sounds and interpret them as something else. I would see non-moving objects move like waves on a beach and not think anything about it, I felt no need to question anything that was going on... I just relaxed and enjoyed it.

Once we were getting close to the house is when I realized they were right when it only gets better, we had to walk in a tunnel like area that was a narrow gap surrounded by trees, I reached out to grab the trees and noticed that I couldn't feel my arms... I couldn't feel anything really. I felt like I was watching a movie of myself going somewhere in first person. I started to laugh uncontrollably from the numb feelings that surrounded my body until I heard the sound of a lot of peoples voices.

We reached the kegger and as me and my brother's other roommate, Terry, went to walk inside I became very scared. There were a ton of people in living room that I have never seen and I sware they were all staring at me, asking why I'm here, telling me to leave. I knew that wasn't the case, I'm sure half of them were hammered beyond belief, but I told Terry I'm gonna sit outside. My brother and his girlfriend were outside as well, they didn't know most of them either. Me and John sat next to each other on the back porch. The scenery was so amazing that it took my breath away... we were perched on top of a hill, looking over Boone and App State, and the night sky was so beautiful as I saw what looked like blotches of dark grey moving around as it started to mesh with the beats playing in my head from the music inside. The dark sky became very bright, it was as if It was morning time already.

I wasn't sure how many hours passed as I sat out there and Terry kept handing me cups of beer. I drank each one from top to bottom without stopping, I couldn't taste anything. Everytime I looked in the cup it felt like I was in a dark sewer, but the when the white at the bottom of the cup appeared, it seemed like a savior had helped me once again.

I could feel the party dieing down, people were leaving and the music died. We soon started to head out, I almost fell down the very hill I was sitting upon as I stood up but managed to catch myself. We walked home and Terry was very drunk, as was my brother. They were being funny and screamed at the other drunks on the streets, I just watched the people and laughed casually to myself.  Everything was still very bright and I was still seeing some very random things.

We got back to my brothers house, I sat back on the spotted couch and watched my brother and Terry play SF Rush 2042 for the dreamcast, old school I know. Finally the hours got away from me and soon everyone was going to bed. I found myself laying on the couch listening to Megadeth's Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? CD until I fell asleep around 6am.

This trip may not seem like a lot compared to what others have seen but overall I think it was a pretty good trip, ever since then I have found hallucinogens to be my favorite type of drugs hands down.
Hope all of you enjoyed reading this, and if you read it all the way through then kudos and thanks for reading.

Keep Trippin' and Stay Safe.

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