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An Amazingly Beautiful Night

LSH, shrooms, datura, nitrous, weed

I guess I should begin with my experiences prior to this fantastic night. I have experience with frequent marijuana usage, occasional alcohol consumption, 1 2.5 gram shroom trip, 2 LSA experiences (both being 7 grams of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds.  The 1st trip was very mild and the second one being moderate strength. My friends, now referred to as L and R, and I did not have as good of an extraction method as this time.), I’ve rolled 2 times, once at a Pendulum concert on 1 caffeine based pill with R, and the second time was on 2 Yellow Poke balls with R and L, who were both on Datura and I was being the sitter.  I ended up smoking Datura while rolling very hard and had the most intensely zen experience of my life, but that’s for another trip report.  I have successfully tried salvia (10x and 40x) around 5 times and had very difficult experiences on 4 of the times.  We have also found out that the best way to smoke Datura to receive a controllable, not too intense, “trip” was to grind up 40 Datura Inoxia (a.k.a. Jimson Weed) have also used nitrous 4 times prior to this night, none of which were in combination with another drug.  As for my friends, L is very experienced with psychedelics, R is very experienced with psychedelics, P only smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol, but is very interested in tripping.  L has used DMT and Datura at various doses and assures me that he can handle himself and that he is not taking enough Jimson to throw him into a strong delirium.  R agrees to only have a small amount of Datura also, stating that he wants a milder trip.  They were my sitters.


My state of mind was very optimistic.  I just graduated from High School, got a promotion in my job, just came off a 3 week tolerance break, and basically enjoyed life.  I knew that I was going to have a fantastic trip, while also having an incredibly intense experience.  L is probably my best friend and R falls in close second.


The setting was at my house.  I live with my grandmother who was away on a leisure trip, so I had the house to myself for 5 days.  I was planning on tripping with only with L.


My original plan for that night was to dose 7 grams of Morning Glories after doing the cold water extraction, then to follow up with between 2.5 and 3.5 grams of shrooms around an hour after.  I also got nitrous and was thinking about hitting a balloon while tripping.  The entire day before I spent looking for shrooms and could not find any.  Thinking that I was out of luck, I decided to try LSH instead of LSA using the peppermint oil technique.  My sense of time was incredibly distorted, so all times are approximate.  This will be my first time combining psychedelics with each other, my first time taking nitrous while tripping, and my first time on Datura while tripping.  L prepared Datura Inoxia leaves by placing ~40 full leaves in a coffee grinder, grinding them into a ball, then drying them for a day in the sun.  He would take small “snaps” with about 10 minutes between each one until he achieved the intensity that he wanted for his trip.


Pre trip:  At 8:45 L, P, and I proceeded to grind up the Morning Glories in a coffee grinder, simply placing the off white powder in a tea kettle filled with very cold, distilled water.  The larger pieces of seeds and the black outer coating went into a tea bag and in the kettle.  About a tea spoon of 100% pure extract was added to the tea in hopes of creating LSH.  It was placed in the refrigerator from 9 until 9:35, when we consumed it. 


0h        The tea tasted like dirty peppermint, but not particularly bad.  I drank my cup first then L went second.  Within 2 minutes from me finishing my cup, I was hit HARD by a strong electrical type energy coming from the Shpongle playing through the surround sound in my room.  L confirmed my thoughts when he commented on how quickly the tea hit him too.  We continued playing cards for about 10 minutes before P says that he is getting a ride home and that his friend is coming to pick him up.  I did not know his friend but L assured me that he was cool. 


0h30m                P leaves with his friend and my cell phone rings.  R calls and asks me if I would like to smoke with him.  I gladly tell him sure and he comes over.  I had not talked to R for a while and, at that time, was wondering if he and I were still friends.  He arrived in about 10 minutes and we began to smoke in my room.  I asked R if he had a mushroom hook, and he said that he had something even better: 7 grams of cubes.  L willingly bought me 3.8 grams to pay me back for me purchasing the Morning Glories and nitrous.  L and R expressed interest in smoking some Datura.  We have found out that smoking a bowl or 2 of ground up Jimson Weed leaves produces an intense, but not overwhelming trip.  Nowhere near as powerful as eating a handful of seeds.  We step outside to my backyard and I ate my mushrooms while R and L smoked 2 or so small bowls of Datura.  By this time, I was having a very nice trip with a strong body buzz and mild visuals mainly consisting of glowing and auras.


1h30m                We were all back in my room talking and smoking bud.  We continually got into deep conversations about how we were very lucky to be having this experience.  The open eye visuals made everything stretch, melt, and glow.  I remember having trouble walking as it felt like the ground was always shifting below my feet.  I decided to eat the last bit of my mushrooms with L.  There were only 2 left and I decided to a cap around 0.4 grams while L preceded to lemon tek the remaining 0.9.  L continued to play video games (Burn Out 3 and Gears of War 2) while I watched in amazement.  Every bass note in the music that was playing through my surround sound system pulsed a ring of visuals in my sight.  R simply ate my food for he had the munchies.


3h        My memory gets kind of bad around this time as I was peaking on both the LSA (which L believes is LSH, I honestly do not have a clue which one it was) and the mushrooms.  I asked L if it would be a good idea to hit a small balloon of nitrous and he expressed interest.  We agreed that my car was the best place to do it as we both feel very safe inside it and it has a very good sound system to enjoy.  While sitting in the back seat, I decided to split 1 balloon with L.  Everything lost meaning, the visuals got so strong that I was unable to identify anything around me for a small amount of time.  Once a few minutes into the nitrous trip, everything came back.  The endless shapes that danced behind my eyelids came to a stop and the intricate patterns of eyes became a more recognizable universe.  L and I talked for a longer time about our drug use which has been bothering both of us and we decided that we needed to have a break for a while after this trip.  We both agreed that tripping was the one thing we both wanted to do and stay away from drugs that you have any ability to become addicted to such as cocaine, meth, h, ect.  We agreed that this was what life was all about and we should enjoy it.  This was the best trip any one of us has ever had.


3h30m                I was still in my car with L and we were both in amazement at the spectacle before our eyes.  L commented that he was having the most insane and beautiful visualizations and that he could control everything that he saw.  While listening to The Pot by Tool, he talks about how he can see Tool (yes, the band) emerging from his stomach on a large metal stage.  Next, I made a decision that will undoubtedly change me for the rest of my life.


4h        After assuring that L and R would be able to watch over themselves and me, L and I prepared and smoked one bowl of Datura between the 2 of us.  We then go back inside my room, and L starts playing Gears of War 2 again.  I had no idea where in the game he was or what he was doing, but the visuals were beautiful.  All of the lighting and shadowing danced and twisted.  I have many revelations about my social life, spiritual life, career choice, and everything else concerning me.  Everything going through my head was incredibly introspective.  By this time, I had completely forgotten that I had taken mushrooms and was in sheer amazement.  The most vivid visual at this time was that whenever I would look toward the floor I would get the sensation that I was falling through a tunnel, then the visuals would begin to match those thoughts and I would be falling through a tunnel.  I also had a few outer body experiences.  Sometime in this time frame, L asked if I would like to split another nitrous balloon with him in my car.


???      I was once again in my back seat listening to psytrance with a balloon in my hand.  I took half the balloon then passed it to L.  Once again I am propelled into a completely new existence.  I envision myself blasting through space around stars and dimensions.  I come back a little and look over at who was sitting backwards in the front passenger with his eyes shut consumed in his own world.  His body was very un-proportional, with his arms seeming like they stretch for miles.  His face looked like a bug with 8 large purple eyes, his skin was yellow-orange, his hair was very poofy and black and came to sharp points, and his hat had 2 bills.  After coming down for a while, we decided to head back inside.


8h        I continued watching L play Gears of War 2 and envisioned myself inside the game fighting alien monsters.  It’s hard to explain, but even though I knew in the back of my mind that I was on my couch, I also felt as if I was inside the game.  The most distinct outside influences for me are peoples voices, all of which were talking about how amazing everything is and how I will remember this experience for as long as I live.  From around this time until 15h, I feel a mild “earthquake” every 30-60 minutes.  I am feeling exhausted and try to fall asleep for a few hours on my couch.  I still am unaware that I have taken mushrooms and cannot sleep because of them.  I have slept on LSA and Datura before, but mushrooms always make sleeping impossible.  L goes out to my living room and passes out on the floor with his sleeping blanket, and R assures me and L that he is no longer tripping and is simply stoned.  He leaves my house at around 5 a.m.


10-15h                I lie in my bed and contemplate my life some more.  I think about how this trip will affect me and all the other things in my life that I need to focus on.  My math is very messed up and I think that I have only been tripping for 8 or so hours when it really is noon the next day.  I could not sleep and instead watched my wall in front of me morph.


16h      L walks into my room and comments about how great he is feeling, and I have to agree.  We smoke a few bowls and I begin tripping slightly.  He is amazed that I am still under the influence after 16 hours.  We chill and talk while I enjoy the mild distortions and patterning.  This goes on until around 19 hours.


Post-trip              This was, without a doubt, the most magical, amazing, spectacular trip that I have ever had.  It has changed me in a way that is unimaginable to anyone besides me.  As you can tell I had a very positive and powerful trip, but please be careful when combining strong psychedelics.  I believe that this trip is too powerful for most people, and they would have become overwhelmed, but my positive outlook pre-trip made for an intensely great experience.


Note:    The majority of this report was written at 20 hours while I was about 95% sober.  I had a strong urge to write my thoughts down.  The only changes that I made sense then were fixes for grammatical errors.  It is 2 days later and I am still in a great afterglow.  I believe that this is an experience that changed me for the better.  I enjoy life more and am more grateful for what I have.  I have spoken to L and he is 100% certain that the Morning Glory tea was NOT LSA, so I believe that I dosed on LSH. 

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