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My first trip - Time Laps.

Level 3

On friday I went out hunting with a mate and found about 40 subs. That night I was going out to dinner at the bay with my girlfriend and we decided to bring some. We had never had mushrooms before and did not know how long the effects would last and how many to take. So we decided to take three each.

Now, we were not very smart here because my mum was picking us up after we finished dinner. But we werent thinking at the time.

It was 7:00PM and we decided to eat the mushrooms. Then after we ate them, we went to dinner and tried to order. After we found a restaurant that we felt like going to, we looked at the menu.

All of a sudden we could not concentrate and we found everything funny. I was trying to find the kangaroo fillets on the menu and ended up saying that i wanted the "Red Rock Chef Deluxe". We started to piss our self laughing and decided to go for a walk and order food later.

We walked over the a big patch of grass and layed down. we could not stop laughing because I told a funny joke. (It wasnt that funny) Then we started to stare at the clouds in the night sky and could see faces in the clouds. the faces turned scary and I decided to think of happy things.

then all of a sudden, the clouds began to start spiraling into a tornado and the pine trees began to get sucked into it. I found it very difficult to think. It was soo cold. So, we decided to take a journey to McDonald. We started walking there and could not remember how to get there. Although it was only about 50 meters away, it took us hours to get there. We walked to a bench and cops were in our way of the street to maccas. So we decided to sit down and not act sus. After the cops left we forgot why we were going to maccas. So we walked to the ocean and sat on a bench near by. The tiled floor began to move like waves and shapes started to form and become 3D.

It was at this time that we thought that the bay was closing down. We thought it was very very late. So we started to worry about how to get home, what to say to mum, if we should tell her we were high on mushrooms. We worried so much. We were walking to maccas at the time of worrying but we could not remember why. My girlfriend started to feel a little sick, so she went to the toilet.

The time now was 8:30 PM. She finished going to the toilet and then we walked back to the grass because we felt safe there.

We had bought bananas with us because we heard that they would stop your high and make you go back to normal. We ate the bananas but they has not smell or taste. They did not work!!!

we began to worry a lot more and began to get scared. I felt very sick and cold. So we decided to walk to a park bench near maccas. we felt as if there were two of everything. As if we were on a set, and being high was another world and we did not want to go back to the real world. when we got to the park bench, i figured out how to work my phone and called my friend who could come and pick us up. We were extremely high and did not want to be picked up by my parents. We decided to meet at maccas and that they would be there in 15 minutes.

We found our way to maccas and sat in there for what felt like hours. There were shapes moving around everywhere. I could barely see. I sent a message to my mate who was picking us up saying to hurry and that i was cold. While i was texting, my phone began to shrink. it was very difficult. It was so loud and everyone was talking in what seamed like another language. There was a TV playing, but it was not tuned in. It was so loud and scary. Colours and shapes were flying everywhere very fast. I told my girlfriend to wait there and that i was going to the toilet to throw up. I went to the toilet and gagged 4 times. I could not throw up so i went back to my girlfriend and we went outside.

We sat outside maccas and sat there for about 3 minutes. It felt like forever!! I call it a time laps.

My mate came to the bay and we ran and jumped into his car. They knew we ate the mushrooms and that we were as high as kites. They looked at our eyes and started to piss their self laughing. It was my mate and his girlfriend in the front seats, and my girlfriend and i in the back. They decided that we were not fit to go home and decided to take us for a drive around town. But first they organized and used our phones to text my mum and my girlfriends mum that we were going to the movies with friends and that we would be back later. (When the drugs wore off) I was very thirsty and they took us to a service station to buy some water.

They made me buy the water because they wanted to see how high i was. So i went up to the service desk with a bottle of water and a fifty dollar note. I put them in front of her and just looked at her. (I forgot how to buy water). The lady who was serving me asked if that was all. I replied: "Its right there!" and i pointed to the water. She then asked me if I wanted 2 for $4. I replied: "Haha very funny.." My mates were pissing their selves laughing. My mate then said "Thats all thank you" to the lady and she did her thing and gave me my change and my drink. Then i was not thirsty and forgot why we were in the servo.
We then went for a drive to the city and they were asking me questions. I told them that i felt so safe in the car with them and i was constantly thanking them for picking us up. Apparently our eyes had no colour and they were fully black pupils. We drive past some Asians and i started shouting at them in an Asian voice saying " ohh mee so sorry, me sorry have a grood evening. Sorry to boverr you. Good night! " It was very funny. We stopped at the river and I hoped out and took a pee on a tree.
I peed and the pee chased me. Where ever I went, the pee followed. I ran back to the car and we drove off. I was starting to feel a bit more normal as well as my girlfriend also. So my mate drove me and my girlfriend back to her house to sleep the night.

Once we got home we went straight to bed and fell asleep. The night that we just had was soo weird. Time was going so slow and it was our first trip on mushrooms.

I will never forget that night as it was the best the worst and the weirdest night I have ever Had.

The next night we went to the bay again with my mate and we all got high.
But thats another story.

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