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Cybers Liquid Culture Tek

Making the Jars all the way through inoculation. A walk through pictorial tek

Liquid cultures are one of the best ways to start a grow. It only takes a small amount of a spore syringe to get a good liquid culture and you can shorten your grow time while extending the use of your spore syringe. First you will need a few things

You will need 6 of the Cybers Self Healing Injection point lids  , 6 Pint Jars, Light Corn Syrup, and a PC to make the LC Jars.

So, We start by getting out the Jars


We will fill each jar up to the point where it starts to curve in. Some jars are marked with a line as the fill point.


Once all the jars have water in them we add 2 teaspoons of light corn syrup to each jar. You can use Dextrose, Honey, or raw sugar. All are known to work but you will need to experiment to see how much of each works best for you.


Once you have the corn syrup in the jars you will put the self healing injection point lids on them.


And the rings. Note: The rings should be turned to the point here they are tight then loosened 1/4 turn. This lets the steam exit the jar when they are cooking and makes sure they do not explode.


Now, I take each jar and shake them to mix up the syrup and the water. You may note that I did not add anything to these jars like marbles, stir bars, or broken glass to brake up the mycilia. Many people do use things like this. At the time I did not. With the space at the top you can easily shake the jar hard enough to break up mycilia. I have recently gone over to using a magnetic stir bar and a magnetic stirrer.


Now, Load the jars into your pressure cooker and get it set up.


You will want to PC them for 15 min @ 15 PSI!

Once this is done you can unload and set them to the side to cool. Let them cool for 24 hours before using!


When I shot these picture I was not using aluminum foil on the jars. Now I cover the tops of the jars with tin foil before I PC them and keep the foil cover over them after words. The reason is it give me an easier surface to write on and it appears to have cut down some of the contamination.

Once your liquid cultures are cooled you will want to load them and everything you are going to need into your glove box or your flow hood.


We will need to let air into the jars because they will have sealed. To do this in a controled manner I take an old syringe and pull the plunger out of it.  I then take two cotton balls and fluff them up / pull them apart a little and push them into the body of the syringe.


This will be the inlet valve used to let air into your LC and bring the jar to room pressure. Here is how it works.

You first spray alcohol into the syringe soaking the cotton balls, then Sterilize the needle. when I was using the glove box I would use a lighter to flame the needle in the syringe.

You then alcohol the top of the jar where the injection point is and push the needle into the jar


You will want to give it a moment to allow the air into the jar and the jar to return to room pressure. If you dont, when you go to inject it the pressure difference will such the contents of your spore syringe into the jar.


I do each of the jars this way then take a cotton ball of alcohol and wipe the tops down again. After flaming the Spore syringe needle I inject 1cc of solution into the jar.

I then put my jars into the incubator to sit tell ready. All you really need is a place that is dark and between 70f and 80f


After 7 to 10 days you would have a jar that contains fluffy white stuff floating in the Liquid

This is the mycilia and once shaken it is ready to go. Just stick a clean steril syringe into the self healing port and suck up 10cc's of the liquid.

Before I do anything bulk with an LC  I first test it to make sure there is no contamination hiding it!!!

To do that you simply follow the PF tek to make up a BRF Jar, Inject it and wait a few days. You'll know if there is contamination!!!

Otherwise it will look like this in about 7 days after being inoculated with LC

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