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Cyber's Drying mushrooms FAQ

The 10 most common questions I have see about drying mushrooms.

These are the 10 most common questions I have see about drying mushrooms. If you have questions not listed please post a new thread and Ill answer the question and may add itto this FAQ.

#1 Q) I have been told that I can not use a dehydrator because heat breaks down the active ingredients in the mushrooms, Is this true?

A) The answer is both Yes and No. Temps above 180f 300F will break down the active ingredients. So if your dehydrator has an adjustable temperature setting then you can use it. I have also found that the little round ones, that do not have a temp setting, heat to 150f-180f. You can use them by adding a 100cfm computer fan to the bottom of it blowing up. It moves more air through the unit and keeps the temps at about 90f.

#2 Q) What is descant?

A) Descant is used to absorb moisture in the air and lower the humidity with out adding heat. It can be bought in the paint section of the hardware store and many people use it to dehydrate mushrooms. You simply place some in the bottom of a Jar, put a screen over it and place the mushrooms on the screen. Put the lid on the Jar and wait. The descant will remove the moisture from the air and the mushrooms. I have also seen salt andrice used in the same way.

#3 Q) How long does it take to getthe mushrooms cracker dry?

A) This depends on the method used. With my big dehydrator set at 90f it takes 24 hours. With the small round one (with a fan) it can take 48 hours. With descant it can take several days.

#4 Q) Why dry them?

A) The reason for drying them is storage. They will last 3 to 5 days in the fridge when fresh and can last forever when dried and stored in a cool dark place. If you want to eat them fresh, have fun.

#5Q) What is the best way to dry mushrooms?

A) Any way that you feel comfortable with. Just keep the temps below 180f and you'll be good.

#6 Q) How much weight is lost in drying?

A) Mushrooms loose 90% of there weight when drying so 3.5g of dry isequal to 35g fresh.

#7 Q) Do they loose there potency when dried?

A) Yes, Fresh is stronger, but you will have to eatmore. Eating 35g fresh is like eating 4 g dry.

#8 Q) CanI freeze them?

A) You can freeze, dried mushrooms and it is believed to extend the shelf life. I would not suggest freezing fresh as they will turn to goo when thawed.

#9 Q) How should you store them once dried?

A) In a sealed glass jar with a little descant pack in it. You find these packs in all kinds of stuff. It is the white package that says "Do Not Eat" on it. I save ones that I find in computer equipment for use in the jars. I have also used a vaccume sealer and put them in vaccume bage.

#10 Q)Do I need to cure them?

A) No, Once they are dried they are ready to eat.

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