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One hell of a night with E

dealer said 85% mdma, but didnt feel like any E i've ever done

On a  sunny friday me and 2 other friends K, and A went down to the beach to go roll and have a good time. We bought these "mega caps" which have the equivalent of 4-6 caps in each. The dealer said they contained 85% mdma, at first i believe him, when i started to roll, not so much. Halfway down to the beach we pop'd our pills. we went to a conveniant store to buy water, gum, and lolipops and some smokes. we took the long way to the beach and by the time we got there, we started to feel the effects. The first 30minutes everything was shaky and waving, when i would look at the ground it would breathe and the grass started to form waves. We got a call from C and D and they asked if they could met up with us and roll. We said okay and i left the group to go pick them up. When i met up wiht C and D the ground stopped breathing and waving, and it began to feel like one of my regular E trips. C and D pop'd while we were on our way to the beach, and after about 20minutes at the beach they started to feel it. C asked me if i would want to rail some of the left over powder, but on one condition, i had to rail it off her skirt, we didnt know but the cops were in a cruiser 20 feet away from us. when i did this and the cops saw, they exited their cruiser and walked towards us, they asked us what we were doing ( when i roll i get so honest i can lie for shit ) and this point i couldnt sit still which made it difficult to talk to the cops, i said "oh nothing, i was just s---" my friend nudged me and told the cops we were just joking around, i htink they knew something was going on, i coudlnt sit still and kept moving up and down, the cop asked my friend whats wrong with me and she said i had really bad ADHD, the cops asked us politely to leave, so we got up and left. we went to another quiter part of the beach and stayed the for a good 4 hours just listening to the sound of water and the sound of one another having sex. after we all said our goodbyes and left. i went home and tried to sleep, i knew i was tired but my heart was racing and i couldnt sleep for 2 days after that one night.

Side effects: I had major jaw clenching, i had 3 huge blisters on my tongue, i  chipped 2 teeth, and chewed both my lips to shreds, even with gum and lolipops to try and help!

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