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First Acid trip

my first time and maybe my last

I was in my math class and my buddy was talking to me and asked whatt i thought of acid. i said that i've wanted to try it but never been able to find it, his reply "well today is your lucky day". so i bought the 2 tabs and went on with my day as normal, that night i was lying down in my room with the tab wrapped in tin foil in my hand. it took me 45 minutes to summon up the courage to take it. I put on my headphones and started to listen to "Hey John, Whats your name again?" i had it on repeat, and by the time this song had play around 10-12 times, i felt something ( this was around 6 months ago so i cant describe the feeling ) it was a wierd feeling, just like when you first start rolling, and you know your tripping. colours were brighter, objects had  a different shade to them. after about 30mintues the walls began to breathe, i loved this feeling, than the whole room started to breathe, i looked at my door and thought it was talking to me, it moved its mouth but no words came out. i than put on the song "Frontier Psychiatrist" and this made me trip. I had just noticed my lava lamp which was turned on, and as the bubbles would float up, they continued out until they filled my whole room. I started to think they were balls of lava and were burning me, i started to scream in agony and started yelling that i was going to die. my neighbour heard this and knockd on my front door, i ran to the door opened it and told my neighbour "Dont go in my room....fire....dont" the rest of the trip is a blur but i remember my neighbour staying there the whole time.

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