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Amanita sickness

Ok one night my friend and i were on the way to go pick up a pizza that my mom had orderd for us.

Ok one night my friend and i were on the way to go pick up a pizza that my mom had orderd for us. On the way he remembered seeing amanitas under a pine tree at our highschool (hes a jr and im a freshmen). We decided why not have some fun tonight since theres not much to do in this town. He dropped me off with a paper sack and went to get the pizza.

After looking around for quite some time a came upon a patch of our fungus friends. i grabbed about 10 caps and sat on a bench waiting for his return.

later that night (about 11) we decided it was time to trip.
he had two caps and i ate four seeing that i am bigger than he is. At first nothing happened. I fell asleep with watching Fight Club. about 15 minutes later i got up to take a piss and relized i was starting to trip. trying to make my way to the toilet, it was like i was seeing my life comming at me as rotating squares and hitting me on the chest. i thought this was awsome. after doing my business i walked back to my bedroom and laid back down.

All i remember after that is puking every waking hour of the night. my dreams were very twisted and hard to comprehend at first. i remember thinking i was on some path but i kept trying to stray off at an angle. a voice was telling me not to do it because i would end up in another demeniton. one dream i really remember was standing in a circular room with 2 girls from school and one looked at me with fear and said "i've destroyed the Koran" as soon as i heard this i woke up and said "uh-oh" and puked all over my floor.

later i found my self on the toilet with vomit on the floor and spit runnig down my mouth ::fades back to sleep::

i woke up again sitting in the corner of the shower(?) with very hot water pouring down on me. i kept thinking oh shit im gonna drown (this whole time that song that goes " i have to get out of here" by granddaddy kept running throught my head). i thought i was feeling fine until i shifted my body wieght and threw up all in the shower.

after getting out and managing to get dressed, i made my way to my bedroom again still seeing the squares.

a few more hours of throwing up and demented dreams later i woke uo alone and confused. i looked around and relized it was the next day and my friend had already drove himself home.

that monday i heard the most fucked up story ever. he said all during the night he saw me puke straight up into the aid and watched it fall on my face. i was constantly shaking and speaking some other language. during his minor trip, he said i kept tring to take the room from him. i was sucking it up like threw a straw while he was pulling at the seams.

all in all it was un-doubtably the most fucked up night of my life.

later i learnd boiling the caps neutralizes the chemical that made me throw up so much. go figure

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