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my 5th, and best trip

9-13grams, not sure the exact amount

It was my first time doing anything over 4grams. I expected it to me like all of my other trips, seeing a few colours, hallucinating here and there, and enjoying everything a whole lot more. I met up with my friend and went to my dealers house. We picked up a total of 17grams,  we planned on doing half of it, and saving the rest for later. We ate them as we walked to the bus stop to head over to another friends house for a mini-party. we kept eating and talking, and the time went by so fast, we didnt realized how much we ate. finally the bus came and i went to reach for another shroom and realized how little we had left, i told my friend this was going to be one f*cked up day. When the bus stopped my friend started to feel something and became very giggly, and started to act like a little child. I was dissapointed that i was feeling anything so i ate more. It was about a 25mintue walk to my friends house and when we got there, i felt it. I started to laugh at everything, my friend coughed and i laughed for what felt like an eternity, i layed back in my friends chair and lit a cigarette, the head rush felt good, and the shrooms started to kick in harder. walls started to breathe, the flat ceiling was curved, and the floor bent down like a vortex. A bong was beeing passed around and i took a few hits, i felt the weed immediately, that combined with the shrooms was a godly experience, i started to hear explosions, just like bombs being dropped, i thought i was in vietnam and jump behind my friends couch, and started shooting at what i thought were Viet-Cong, this went on for about a lenghty amount of time, i than  blinked, and it was all gone, so i went back into the chair to have another smoke, and some more wierd, the radio was on and i started looking at it curiously, when every it would make a sound, colours would fly from the speakers, and it turned into a steady stream rainbows. i looked away at stared at the wall. it started to spin in a circle like a giant tornado. i enjoyed this, but at the same time was scared, i thought if it would get too big, it would suck us all in. i wanted to go grab a drink from my friends fridge but i felt like if all my strength had left me and all i could do was sit there and look at the colours and shapes. I than saw 2 green smiley faces floating around the room, and they started to multiply until the whole room was fileld with them, they started to talk but i couldnt understand them. after awile i got annoyed of them so i went into the other room, and sat down, i started seeing flowers pop out of no where and started "picking" them and "smelling" them. my friends than insisted that we go outside to go get some food, i didnt want to be left alone so i summoned up all thes trength i had and left with them. when we stepped outside the colours dissapeared, but everything had a glow to it,  while we were walking there i thought i a dog  ( like clifford but only smaller ) and it would run around us and dance, this continued until we went to the Mcdonalds were he just vanished out of thin air. the trip started to decline from there on, and about 3 hours later i felt nothing. i took the bus home and went to sleep. The next day was very wierd, i felt nothing, i was sad, happy, or anything. nothing. my 2 friends got into a fight, and i normalyl would care, but i wasnt bother it at all,i just lit  a smoke and stared emotionless at the ground. this lasterd the whole day, and after sleeping, the next day i was back to normal. this would have to be the best trip i've ever had, beating all the other drugs, Acid, E, weed, and coke.

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