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1st trip! and wont be my last.

My encounter with the bugs and the abyss.

So I have been wanting to try shrooms for about a year, probably a little longer. I had a few friends over Friday night to smoke and my girlfriend informed me that she got a hold of some shrooms.  We planned on doing them Sunday because we're both off on Mondays but something came up and we couldn't. So Monday rolls around and I'm super excited to get things going. We each invited a friend over and split them up; 2g each. I decided to eat mine on a pb&j sandwich, which was a greeeeat choice! I couldn't even taste them. We were all done eating them around 9:30pm. We popped in a movie, passed a blunt around and waited. It's 10:30pm and we're starting to get bummed because nobody was feeling anything. Then at 11pm, bam! I started to feel really stoned, so I was pretty happy. We just chilled and finished the movie, which only had about 30-45mins left. After that, we all got up and got something to drink. As soon as I stood up it hit me, hard. There's a hallway between the room we were in and the kitchen. It was pretty dark in the house, but just enough light to see where I was walking. I could see the walls of the hallway bending. I got some water and we all just stood around and talked for a while. I can remember feeling like gravity was shifting. I had to stand leaned over to one side because it felt like that was straight up and down. We decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood. We live in a 55+ community, so there was nobody out. It had just finished raining so it was nice and cool outside. My legs felt really heavy, like I had to drag them behind me. We would just wonder around and stare at random things for 10-15mins at a time. I remember every turn we took seemed like the wrong way, even though I knew where we were going. On the way back to the house, I was staring at the ground while I was walking because all the dead leaves in the road started turning into all different kinds of bugs and crawling around, so I was trying to avoid squishing them; I like bugs haha. We got back in the house and we back to the room to chill. We smoked a little more, put another movie in and started eating. Every time I would look at someone I would see how big their eyes were and just stare at them. Their heads seemed so big too. By this time, I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. I took a look in the mirror and just felt like I was so ugly. So I went back to the room and told every one else not to look in the mirror. I think we finished another movie and decided to go on another walk. This time in the opposite direction; the dark way. We made it through this real dark stretch of road after hesitating for a few minutes. I kept getting spider webs all over me and felt like I couldn't get them off of me. But that didn't really bother me for too long. After we made it through the real dark area we stood around and just talked for a while. Everyone was staring at the puddles in the street, it was pretty cool. We debated on whether or not to walk further or turn back and go to the house. We decided to just keep walking. There's a small bridge in the community that goes over a canal. We made it there and chilled. Looking over the side of the bridge was amazing. The water was so still, and it was so dark outside, it looked like we were looking into an infinite abyss. Kind of like in Garden State, haha. After we were entranced enough by that we went back to the house. When I stepped in, it felt like the whole house was backwards, like a mirror image. I kept saying "this isn't right." We chilled some more, and decided to go on yet another walk! From there on, it felt like everything was from the set of a movie. All the houses seemed fake. I felt like I was being video taped. We eventually made it back to house, this time for good. We put in another movie, smoked some moooore and just hung out. It was around 2:30am by this point and we all started coming down. 4am rolled around and we were all pretty tired. Plus I had work at 7am. When I tried to fall asleep I kept seeing all these bright colors when I closed my eyes. It kind of looked like a visualization you would see on Windows Media Player or Winamp when you're listening to music. I eventually fell asleep and that was that. I know who to get shrooms from now so I've pretty much got  a constant supply. I will definitely be tripping again!

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