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First time!!

I never should have smoked weed!

I had always been drawned to Shrooms, butb where I live they are rare. I smoke alot and also do a lot of coke, I had also try ecstacys, R2´s, Crack, salvia and any kind of drug except heroin,

but I never had the chance to try shrooms and I wanted to really bad. I tried to buy some but I could never get any, I basically gave up on shrooms until one day (luckily a saturday) a friend´s

comes out of nowhere selling 3 grams of dried shrooms and I was amazed !!! me and other 3 friends were gonna stay at my friends house cuz his parents left for that day and I knew it was the

perfect time to eat them. We also had coke and weed, but none of  them wanted to try the shrooms so I said fuk it ima it the 4 grams....at first it was like regular I was hearing strange noise, I

saw the moon and stars brighter, I even spoke to my friends cat... but it was a nice trip for about 45 mins then I decided to smoke some weed and then it hit me like a millions times stronger

like if I had eaten all the shrooms from the world! I looked in the mirror and I saw my body getting twisted and I freaked out I tried to calm down but I couldnt the trip was too intense I felt that my

body and soul disconnected hard to explain but I was a spirit and I could see my body I was just floating I swear i was in another dimension everthing I looked at came alive I dont know what

hell was going on, but then I got a littlw paranoid about my heartrate I though I was gonna shutdown it was too intense to describe I decided to drink milk thinking that would calm me down a

down a little bit, but it didnt help a lot I wanted to trip to end so much it wasnt even funny lol ...eventually I fell asleep and in retrospect its funny to think the way i was feeling i ve never done ever


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