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Insane Time Loop

Dose : 4 grams (cap/stem)

It was my first time eating mushrooms. However I was not new to halucinogens.
I had some crazy trips on salvia plenty of times and I had also done acid a few times.

Dose : 3 grams ( caps and stems ) 1 gram (powder and spores)

Friday 10:38 AM

Me and my good friend so over to this girls house to eat shrooms. It was my first time.

10:52 AM

We start eating the shrooms washing them down with orange juice which I was told
would help them absorb better or some shit. I was told they taste like pure shit and to my
surprise they didn't taste too bad. Sort of like salty hay or something. I polish mine of and begin
to roll a blunt.

11:24 AM

We are watching some ridiculous show on Comcast ON DEMAND Eastbound Down or something.
All three of us begin to laugh for almost no reason at all. We begin to feel them kicking in. While
everybody else was enjoying laughing at the show I began to start saying, Okay what the fuck
is this a movie or tv show. For some reason I could not get over this. The ridiculous nature of the
show did not help any.

12:02 PM

Somehow we are watching Nanny 911. After a couple more minutes of watching I start to feel things
spinning out of control. I put my head down on a pillow on the couch and try to regain control. After a
few moments I sit up... The Loop Begins

12:15 PM

The Loop
1. I sit up,pull my phone out of my pocket, and flip it open to see the time. (each time the phone displays the same time 12:17)
2. I close the phone, stand up, and walk over to see what is on tv. (even though I could clearly see it from the couch)
3. I notice Nanny 911 is on, but it is this clipped together loop that would be the same each time it started over.
4. After that I would sit back down and put my head on the pillow.
5. I would then have a different radical out of this world theory of existence each time before the loop starts over.

4:36 PM

I slowly started to fade out of the loop and come back to reality. I had been through a wide array of emotions
throughout the trip and was not sure how I felt about it. After a while of just chilling and letting it sink in I came to
the conclusion: I wouldn't trade anything for that experience. It was beyond anything anyone could imagine.

The Theories

This is where I have trouble describing such unimaginable realities. Each theory was unique and so involved,
each one felt like something that had been awakened, an almost religious experience. Once the theory of reality
was thought out in my head I would then stand up and be immersed into the world of this new reality. I had conversations with my friend
and the girl that did not exist but felt unimaginably real to me. At one point time stood still and I could walk around the room while everything
was frozen in time.

Another was a reality in which everybody in my phone was a fabrication of my own mind and I could morph into their body
at anytime because they were an extension of me. I felt like a whole day went by while I was trapped in the loop. At one point I
began to think maybe this is what reality looks like inside the mind of someone who has gone insane and to the outside world
I looked disturbed and detached.

After several wild theories that can only be described as Matrix like but each unique and filled
with SciFi shit such as aliens, I began to attempt to break the loop. I would go and stand of to the
side of the room after seeing the tv instead of having my new theory in the depths of the couch.
However, time stood still until I eventually gave in and had my theory. I felt like my mind had been
exposed to this previously zombie like hold some higher power had over me. I began to think my
mind had been trapped in something like the matrix and now I was in some kind of mental limbo.

Anyways I could write a whole book from those theories. According to my friends who both had lower
doses ( 2.5 g and 1 g ) I was laying in the couch face in the pillows saying random shit about theories
and a bunch of shit that made no sense to them. They said I kept pulling out my phone and walking around
turning the tv off several times attempting to stop  the loop.

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