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First time

The craziest experience of my life!

 This was a very severe trip, the most insane experience of my life. Its hard for me to tell, since besides marijuana shrooms are the only drug I have done, what level trip this was. Until I do shrooms again(which hopefully is in the next couple weeks) i dont have anything to compare it to. So this could be a perfectly average trip... just a little disclaimer.

Me and my friend had a 8th of shrooms each. They tasted like old dried up popcorn to me, tasteless more than anything. He had trouble eating them and getting them down. I ate them no problem. They  were colorless also... gray. Forgive my lack of knowledge of what type of mushrooms they were...like I said I have bare minimum drug experience. I had a couple caps but was mostly stems...me and my friend have this ongoing argument that there is no difference between them. He thinks the caps give you more of a hallucination trip and the stems make you more body high. I don't think there is a difference its all the same mushroom...if someone could clear that up, that would be great.

My house was empty and I was babysitting my out of control dog(not even a year old). We went downstairs and watched a Japanese cartoon called, Spirited Away. They said I would should get a stomach ache and I need to try not to throw up. All I felt was maybe discomfort...I had a tingly feeling in my stomach but that was probably just adrenaline. After watching movies and reading books like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I was afraid everyone would turn into a secret lizard race and try to destroy me. About 15 minutes into the movie(probably like 25 minutes or so after taking the mushrooms) things seemed different. I started laughing uncontrollably at the movie. My friend wasn't feeling anything yet. My vision hadn't really changed...and someone else who was there moved his finger around to see if it would leave that weird glowing line behind it. I wasn't that far into the trip yet.

We got bored and decided to go up to my room. We were going to watch Pink Floyd's The Wall, but we played on the computer for a bit instead. This was around 35-40 minutes into the trip and I was fucking tripping, so was my friend. It was undeniable. Peoples faces changed right in from of me, they were like moving really fast. In fact whenever someone moved, i would compare it to a slow motion bullet dodge in like a movie, like The Matrix. Music sounded great. The Beach Boys were freaking awesome. The best song I listened to was The End by The Doors. I like became part of that song.

We were probably a hour into it when we started watching The Wall. We were both really fucked up. It was to the point were everyone who wasn't shrooming couldn't understand us, and just gave us confusing looks whenever we tried to say something. I couldn't really focus on the movie much, or anything, I was trapped in my own head. I was completely one with everything, I had sunk into my bed, which sunk into the wall, which sunk into the universe. I loved everything so much, especially myself. I really loved myself. I remember looking in a mirror, not a real one the one inside my brain, and I just loved everything about me. Then I was transported into a 1960 hippie van with a bunch of people I dont know, but I probably stole them from a Woodstock video or something. There we all laid and thought of world peace and love of everything. I was so happy with myself and I knew I just needed to accept people for who they are, including myself.

Every once and a while I would fall out of the hallucination for a couple seconds and I could steal a look at reality. I remember having one sane thought, "your gonna hate it when you come down and none of this is real."It wasn't said in my voice though, it sounded more like a snarky video game character voice over. I quickly shrugged that off and went back off into hippie land.

Eventually I was able to come out of wonderland and focus on the movie. I remember when there was a bunch of Nazi's on screen, I thought about how much I loved their outfits...

Now I started to feel sick. I might have token to many for my first time, but I left my room and entered hell, or my hallway. My dog was sitting outside my door and freaked me out, the walls were like spreading far apart and I was very scared. I went into the bathroom and I thought I looked like the ugliest person ever. I was so skinny, my hair was so flat, and I was about to puke.

Which I did. I puked out my mushrooms into my toilet. I thought I puked blood, but knowing better I didn't flush, so when I came down I would see it was just mushrooms and microwaved pizza(your welcome).

I still felt really sick, and was having a terrible trip. i kept seeing these men barbecuing meat and sticking out long tongues every time I closed my eyes. I remember collapsing on a bed and floating up to space...not in a good way.

Eventually me and my friend ended up back downstairs and watched spirited away what must have been 2-3 times. I still have no clue what was going on in that movie. I remember a old lady swelling out of the tv and these people turning into hogs.

Everyone who had not done shrooms had fallen asleep and I thought my friend who had token them had come down and fell asleep also. I thought I was the only one still tripping and something was wrong with me, I thought I might very well die. Eventually I got up and moved to a different spot and my friend was still awake. We were both so happy, he was feeling the same way. We sat on my couch for about two hours just crying and laughing, and being happy we were no longer alone.

That whole day I was light headed whenever I stood up, once I collapsed. I was incredibly tired, and kept having small comeback trips but it was mostly over. And I was just happy reality still existed, because I thought it ended.

I hope I did a sufficient job describing my experience. i cant wait to do it again, having the knowledge I do now I am confident I can make the whole trip a happy and enlightening one.

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