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This is the meaning of life

5 g. of mushrooms

I have been experimenting with psychedelic drugs for quite some time now, and i have always had the feeling that i wanted to try everything that i could get my hands on, at least once. Ofcourse there are exeptions.
A couple of months ago, i had been looking forward to trying out mushrooms, but it had been a very disappointing experience, resulting in a lack of interest in mushrooms.
My friend called me, telling me he had gotten his hands on some really potent mushrooms, and that i could try them for free, if i wanted to, and then buy more, if they lived up to what i actually wanted to begin with.
I went there with my boyfriend, and we ate 2 grams of dried mushrooms each. I chewed them for about 5 minutes, but the taste really made me feel sick and nauseous. 

After about 20 minutes, i could feel my body getting heavy, and everything was amusing. 4 hours (approx.) later, we went home, only to find the sky full of snow and rain. It was like the world was coming to an end, but in the most beautiful and devine fashion. We looked at everything in awe, and fascination. Colors were bright, the sidewalk was squishy and floating around. The whole mood was so comfy and amazing. We enjoyed every tiny bit of it.

A week later we were up for a proper mushroom trip, with a strong dose (since we are very used to taking high doses of lsd and such). We bought 10 grams, and split it up. 3g. to begin with, and then two batches of 1g. for each of us, to take later.
We blended the mushrooms with peanutbutter, flour, sugar and milk, mixed it up, and dipped them in chocolate, then covered them with chopped up nuts. It totally covered the mushroom taste that we had grown to hate so much, even though we dont really mind it now. 

3g's down.
It didnt take long before the amazing feeling in my body returned. And i felt the strongest euphoria i've ever had in my life. And let me tell you, i have been pretty into rolling (mdma). The movies on the tellie were so entertaining and fun, i couldnt believe how i had ever thought anything was boring, ever!
I thought it couldnt get any crazier, untill we went to E's (my boyfriend) bedroom, and put on some music.. it sounded fantastic! colors were floating through the spaces between the wooden boards on the cieling. It kept getting wilder and wilder, and all of a sudden, i was no longer myself. Actually, i wasnt a person anymore. I was a part of everything, everything was a part of me. I was everything and nothing. I felt like this was the meaning of life, i could feel it. I had never felt this way before, on any kind of drug, ever. I had no idea it could be this powerfull.
I was crawling around on the bed, on the floor, jumping around. I had no controll over myself, but this just felt great and wonderfull. The music was blasting away, much higher than i would normally prefer, but i was swept away into a world that didnt allow me to feel any pain. I was euphoric.
Everything was beautiful. Everytime i looked myself in the mirror, i couldnt fathom the fact that i had ever felt ugly, or unworthy. I was amazing. And so was my boyfriend. The most perfect boy i could imagine, and he was mine! I was the luckiest girl alife.
We dressed up in all kinds of colorfull clothes, purple, pink, turquoise, yellow. Colors were wonderfull, how could we not have noticed this before? We must have looked like two raver kids, tripping out, and im sure we looked scary to say the least. Ive never felt so fucked up and good, at the same time.

But as this wore off, i wanted it back. We both did. so we went on a quest for more! Just before we went off, we smoked a gram of shrooms together, and chewed the rest.

The trip to my friends place was god awfull. I kept feeling paranoid. and the shrooms were kicking in really hard by now. I could barely stand up. As we stood up to get out of the train i felt faint. I told E that i felt awfull, i couldnt describe how awfull i truly felt, and he was worried about me. I am a very petite girl. I weigh 45 kg. which means that i should probably take less of the drugs than my boyfriend, but i can usually handle it pretty well.

We went up the stairs and i suddently collapsed. I passed out just like that!
Now, my boyfriend was pretty fucked up too, and didnt really know what to do. He was afraid he had lost me. He thought i was dead. He carried me up, and put me on the ground. He held me, and tried to feel my pulse, but failed to do so, as he was tripping really hard. People gathered around me, and tried to help him. Some guy asked if we were on drugs, and if we had taken speed?! haha, yea you act like this on speed, sure! What a douche. E told me that i had been making these weird hissing noises, like i couldnt breathe. 
But back to what happened to me.
I was pulled into a huge black tunnel, with white, light blue and purple lights. I heard music. Loud music. And then i saw a rainforrest. A beautiful big rainforrest. I met the devil. Everything happened so fast. A goddess told me i was going to be allright. I was fine. This was supposed to happen.
And then with the blink of an eye, i opened up my bigass peepers, and i didnt understand ANYTHING. People asked what the fuck was going on, i just apoligized, and took my boyfriend by the hand, as we left.

When we arrived at my friends place, we werent really up for more shrooms for the day, so we took a train home, still fucked up to the core of our very souls. We were so scared. so freaked out about what happened, but i can honestly say i enjoyed it, even if it was scary. It was definently a very special experience.

We got home and smoked a fatty, ate risotto and went to sleep in each others arms.

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