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Merlin's Magical House

A journey in the dark and the light.

Trip Report -6/9/09

Ingested approximately 4.75 grams P. Cubensis by myself at approximately 17:00 on Monday, June 8, 2009. Mood before taking the shrooms was somewhat apprehensive and melancholy. I made it a point to attempt an emptiness-of-mind meditation exercise before I proceeded. This exercise quelled my emotions significantly. I then proceeded to make a peanut butter, jelly, and mushroom sandwich. This trip was my 8th I believe. On trips 2 through 6 I ate the mushrooms straight up with several glasses of orange juice. However, on my last two trips, I was unable to stomach the morsels alone hence the sandwich. This amount would be the greatest I’d ever taken. It took me about ten minutes to eat the sandwich along with a glass of water and half a glass of orange juice. This would be the first time I opted out of drinking excessive amounts of OJ because I had read that the citric acid can add to digestive irritation. This seemed to prove correct during my trip as I did in fact experience much less stomach discomfort then in my past three trips. I began to experience the affects around 17:40 when I burst out in tears. I have no doubt that this outpouring of emotion was directly related to my earlier emotional state. Fortunately, my fiancée had just arrived home. I had told her the day before that I planned to trip. She held me in her arms for some time while I wept. It was a wonderful release. After about twenty minutes I went to my room, shut off the lights and turned on the music. I had made a playlist for the occasion complete with select numbers from Final Fantasy X soundtrack, Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack, The Fountain Soundtrack, Radiohead, The Beatles, Amos Lee, The Postal Service, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and a few others. The first time really started to feel the psychedelic effects occurred when the number “Merlin’s Magical House” from Kingdom Hearts began playing. I burst out in laughter at the playful, magical melody. And from that point on I was in deep. I had the most interesting and possibly most disturbing open-eye visuals of any of my trips. My fiancée came into the room at my request and lay down with me. I remember, I would look at her face and it would become very long, and almost like it was melting. Also, I was experiencing very wild peripheral visuals. For instance out of the corner of my eye I could see that she was looking at me but in my peripherals it looked like her eyes were rolling around at a thousand miles an hour. Furthermore, everything seemed to look and feel very long. I would grab my fiancées oversized-looking hand out of curiosity and it would feel as lengthy as it looked. Speaking of touch-sensory alterations, whenever I touched something like my face or my fiancée’s hand it would feel further away then it looked. It’s a hard sensation to describe, but everything felt like it was out of proportion from how it appeared. After, these wild visuals started to overwhelm me a bit, I closed my eyes and focused on the music. The music seemed to bleed into all my senses, I could almost taste it, and it had that very round, buzzy quality to it. I felt as though I was being consumed by every song and having a different experience. After lying there for I don’t know how long, I got up because I was becoming very overwhelmed with the music. I went out into the living room where my fiancée had vacated to and was watching television with one of my other roommates. It was like opening the door into a new world. My vision became very grainy when I stood up. It seemed like particles of light or snow were emanating from every particle of matter I saw. I sat down with them still heavily tripping and started watching TV with them. After a couple minutes I was getting very hot, bc the AC wasn’t on in the living room and because I was struggling to focus on the TV show that was on. I decided to retreat to my room once again. This time however I sat down in lotus position on my office chair and began meditating. The music was still playing. I remember closing my eyes and after a time, instead of seeing black behind my eyelids, I saw a brilliant white. I had the sensation that my eyes were open in a different universe. I started to experience an out-of-body sensation while floating upwards on a spiral tower made of what looked like what I can only describe as muscle. It was red and pulsing. I don’t know how long I sat there, but it seemed to continue for ages. After a time I lay down again. I was starting to feel a tad anxious, not necessarily about my mental state but because I really started to contemplate my life. In a good way though. But I really had to acknowledge that I am somewhat confused as to what I really want to do with my life right now. It was a somewhat irrational concern seeing as how I just recently graduated from college, but it caused me to think about a lot of things and to confront my fear of failure. Ultimately, I started feeling very depressed and asked my fiancée to come lay with me again. She did and we talked for a long time. At this point I was starting to come down from the trip although I was still experiencing intense visuals. We had a very wonderful, meaningful and laughter-filled conversation. When we finally emerged from the room, my head was feeling more clear and I had a sweet sense of euphoria. I continued to have visuals until about 23:00 that night, and I couldn’t get to sleep til around 04:00 in the morning. I would say the trip lasted six hours with four more hours of lingering affects. Awesome experience though.

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