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Title unknown?

I had one intese trip.

I had one intese trip...it began when my friend M and I got a fat bag and split it, the dealer said they had sum good visuals, so i decided to buy one.ha Coming from Alaska, we dont get the chance to shroom very much in the winter so i took the chance to shroom. From earlier experiences, i choose to shroom where i felt the most comfortable. M and I ate the shrooms around 8 and since i haden't ate anything that whole day it kicked in quick (20 minutes)... we noticed that evrything was becoming really friendly, stuffed animals started to smile, a plastic snowman we had started to make faces, made us all happy and started to laugh a lot...:) My friend was kinda trippin me out with this frog he had and he said it was moving but i dint see it actually move, it looked liked the frog was lying there trying to get up, but very slowly...looked kool. Poor poo bear was sittin all alone hiding in the back of the room with nobody to talk to ...got me all happy to talk with him. Then we decided we needed a scene change...so we walked around the house, went up to the next level in my house and saw my cat. It was so crazy, the cat started to play hide and go seek with us ..making us all happy and getting us excitied...weeeee then i noticed the fish tank i had, the coolest thing yet i saw. Time is really slow-i--n---g down. When i was upstaris i got this creepy feeling so i ran back down stairs cuz it was all dark and i didnt like the darkness..i wanted colors. Kinda freaked me out a little, so i was yelling M, get down here its so colorful and happy in this room...Then i went back intot he room we started in, We started to get bored a little so I turned on the T.V., put on the cartoons, the old-time cartoons that made me almost shit my pants... I noticed all thses sounds coming off the T.V. started to make me laugh so bad I got M to start laughin. We had a good time there. It was kind of hard to understand the cartoons but the faces they made and the sounds that went with it was undescribable...It reminded me of rolling, when you heard the build -ups in trance music, well it was similar to that on the t.v. it was very relaxing. The cartoon figures were all out of shape...morhing a little, there was this thing about hitting each others butt with hammers, constant repeating sounds that made me laugh even harder??? i dunno..that was very funny .haha Then i started to feel upset for sum reason, and i didnt want to get any negative vibes at all ... my friend left me to go into another room to draw cuz he felt it was making him trip out. My step brother who was on methodone, looked like a cartoon , made me laugh at him but he didnt know we were shroomin. We told him, then he was all into it, making us laugh and having a good time.His room was so kool and the all the objects and noises started to kick back in, trippin me out now!!!! I started to tweak out and then left. I had to get out of that room for sum reason..it seemed all busy. I actually felt like walking around outside but i didnt cuz it was so cold and windy ( remember im in alaska..ha)..But i atleast looked out the window and saw the northern lights and the big dipper was all twinklin and making me feel good again. my moods was shifting, never done that before from earlier experiences. I liked it, it made me feel content being in some kind of contact with the outside world.. maybe think up all whole buch of bunk ass shit.ha but i felt i finally came back to civialization. All this time when i was trippin on the colors, looked like everything had layers with different textures to it, my friend M was playing his guitar. The music just entered my body giving it a postive lift in a way i cant describe. RRRRING RINGGGG..i hear the telephone, damn it i got so freaked out and started to laugh at the telephone ring, i picked up and this girl was talking to me asking me all the questions, getting me all confused, i threw the phone down saying to M, im confused and i cant understand anything..he laughed and picked up and said the same thing .we both are laughin are asses off. Scence change!!!! i felt this urge to jump around...run..hide..play tag.zippin and glidding around the floor.weeeee....i ran and jumped into my bed...waiting for M to arrive, He walks up the hallway and he doesnt realize Im watching him...feels like a spy.lol so i shout heelloooo...ewww he turns his head and his eyes all dialated, says out of nowhere ...HI!!! we laugh and he gets all amped too...jumps into my room and turns on the STROBE. oh mann ..that stobe was fuckin with my head, making all the stuffed animals move around..looked real. I closed my eyes and saw shit that i remebered from the cartoons, looked like a pencil was drawing on my eye lid and it was cool to watch..told M to do it too..we were in awwww!!... Since i lost track of time im saying its almost 10? Then we wanted to try to eat, so we named our bbq chicken, chicken carcasses..made us laugh evertime i heard it..tasted it and it felt to me it had no meaning to the food, unexplainable, no taste to the food...kind of made me feel sick so decided to stop. The stobe is still on high speed.lol I put sum trance music on...wow then i put on g-force..the visuals are so awsome, all flowin with the music...making the mood change a little...at this point i realized i would rather shroom outside...for sum reason i started to feel depressed but i think a main part of it came from my friend...he was having issues earlier that day and i think it just rode it out witht he shrooms....I wanted to smoke sum dope by then...smoked a bowl and made me feel all content and happy again.whoooooo!!!! I really enjoyed all the scene changes we were going through..kept us busy and productive..lol By this time..my visuals and hearing started to really trip me out and i had to chill somewhere and chill....time ???? haha i remember the cartoons that had this clock on it and it slowed down..what a coinsidence huh?? i said to M , why do they put these cartoons on for kids when there ment for shrooms...we laughed...The phone keeps ringing....the most annoying sound..omg.it drove me crazy..the girl that called sounded like a chipmunk. BYE!! i said ...i realized i didnt like phones...but this is almost the time were we started to come down...and layed down and closed our eyes..seeing those objects floating around..in aww!!!!! then i feel asleep to this sounds ..da da da do da de...blep bop..u know..made me happy when ever i thought of them.. In conclusion..i had one very different trip and hope it will never be that intense ad it was..its really hard for me to explain the details but im sure you know lol....Next time..im eating twice as much and going outside forsure.....walking around in the sun!!!!!! I dont know if i ever want to shroom when something bad happens earlier in the day but i recommend being around people you feel most comfortable with.

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