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First trip off of Home Grown Cubensis Panama

Everything was beyond psychadelic..

Up until this time I had only eaten small amounts of street mushrooms... Well After my first flush I harvested and had about 53.2 grams of wet Cubensis Panama, my two friends and I split this and gobbled our boomers fresh boomers right there, that was around 8:30 P.M. My friends departed to a buddie's house to pick up this Buhda Lightnight ball thing he had.. about 15 after they walked out the door I started to feel it... I was starting to get really spacey feeling.... I zoned out on my 19" Wide Screen LCD monitor for what seemed like 30 min but come to find out my friends were gone for only 10 min after I started zoning. Well they got back with the said buhda thing and I plugged it in and sat it on top of my tv... we shut the lights off and I sat on my bed and zoned on the buhda it seemed like the ball was coming closer to me the long I zoned out this probably went on for about an hour....after that we started to asend the climb to our amazing peak... this part gets a little hazey but i am mostly sure we were conversing about the random thoughts coming to our head and laughing histerically..About this time i started to zong out on the walls of my rooms which are blue and the textures started shifting around and almost like come out of the walls at me, I stood up and looked at my fan and it too looked much closer than it was..I looked around the room and suddenly it was like I was ten feet tall everything was so small... I was a giant....I stood until I had come back down to normal size and walked over to my wall and put my hands on the shifting texture my hands began to melt in to the wall it looked as if my hands were the same color and texture of my wall... I withdrew my hands quickly. I thought it would be a good idea to go out side to get some fresh air.. I walked out on my back deck and was overwhelmed with the sensation that I was indeed such a small part of the universe it felt so BIG outside I went to the railing and stared off into the horizon I could see sky rolling toward the horizon and horizon waving dramatically...I must have zoned on this for some time because my friends came looking for me. After this my friends and I grabbed the rail and leaned back... this was the most intense sensation it felt as if i was falling through my deck.. I could not hand much of this. I stood up and saw a car coming down the road behind our house and this was insane it looked like it was simply floating in nothing. I stayed out side for a very long time and went back inside and started my downhill hike back to reality this part of it is very hard to remember more zoning on the buhda if i recall correctly.. but this was the most amazing trip i have ever had and there is another 2 grams waiting for me right now....

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