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amazing whistling sound


so durin the day time i got some shrooms enough for me and a friend, both guys. this is my fifth time shrooming, and his second. about 3 times ive had close to bad trips but good in the end, but this was overall the best.
its in the afternoon at like 6 and i keep looking at the shrooms at least every half an hour wanting to take some rght there right now but of course i had to wait till night time. dam parents that are too blind of what is happening in the world.. :/

anyways, it got around night time. his brother and his brother's friend is there.
we both go in the bathroom and take the shrooms with some SPicy Nacho Doritos. haha.
i took more than him, and ended up starting to hallucinate within 10 minutes
it was crazy. we wanted to go to sleep because it was starting to get really scary,
but going to sleep made it alittle scarier. kept seeing really cool 3D stars and moving objects when i shut my eyes. seemed impossble to sleep.
i kept opening my eyes after every 30 seconds or so, and saw a buncha things in his room morph to become clown looking faces. things started crawling on me. i was like get off me lol.
so we turned on the t.v. and first thng came up was Scarred. were like o hell no this is scary LOL.
so then his parents come upstairs, and were like o shit act like ur sleepin.
but we didnt because we forgot i had said that after like a minute when they came up.
so they come in, we play it cool. they leave.
my friend starts feelin sick, and a bit scared because its his first time trippin like this, and mine too :D
he puked just a little in the toilet in the bathroom. it was a full moon that night, which we believe to be bad luck.
that day, we had bought some fruit punch and he drank the fruit punch. I didnt know what the hell was going on when he puked. it  looked like he was puking up blood. he had no shirt and startting getting scars on his back.
i looked in the mirror at myself, and said to myself, "o godd..." i looked like i just died and came out of a graveyard. not too pleasant.
so i took a couple drinks of water. tasted bad cus it was tap water.

then his parents started comin again,
hes like o shit get out of the bathroom. so i do and go lay down in his room. there was a dog in there and he looked really cool.

--story getts better yo.

we then decide to go downstairs because his parents finished watching a movie.
they talked to us kept asking us if we were baked. i was too high to even know what was going on.
it was pretty obvious i was on something.

anyways, she bought it. we went downstairs.

he says 'iif this gets any worst were telling my parents'
i was like '; fuck no dude thatll make things 10x worst. itll end when itll end'

there were a bunch of cool lights at night in his living room.
the computer was hooked up to the t.v. and it had like blue and red and orange lights throughout the room.
then, the coolest thing happened!!
i started hearing a whistling sound..
it felt like their was an entire world in my head,
and the my mood described how that world worked.
if i was scared, people in my head would pray, whch would tell me thru a whistling sound and i had understood it like it was talking to me. like i was a god and there was a world inside me praying to me. so i tried to change my attitude, and i did. it described my deep down emotion, which was extremely cool.
i listened to the whistle for a while. i had to go take a piss again for like the 8th time. everytme i go n the bathroom it was so cool to lok at my self. like 'thats who i am' and 'thats who he is'.
i got lost in the bathroom.
dropped the toilet seat and made a reallllly loud noise.
looked outside the back door, and everything out there loked so much cooler. looked like every single thing living had a face. tree had like 20 faces, grass had faces, wowowowow.
i really wanted to know more and more, i didnt want it to end. i wanted my brain to continue to boil so i can keep seing cool colors and faces and that whistling sound.. i ddnt want it to end ;(
that whistling sound changed my life, and on shrooms i came up with ideas way better, it was like my brain was actually working 100% instead of like 10%

i wanna do shrooms again.

if u actually read it,
thanks for all the fellow shroomers and smokers for reading :)
got bored and this seemed like a cool site :D

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