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pretty damn amazing

reasonably new to it

Ive gotta say before I start mushrooms were until las night a reasonably unknown quantity to me,although ive tried a lot except  the stupid stuff like crack heroin meth ect.........taken ketamine once accidentaly (thought it was an E)......that was.......... odd, and had a huge trip off salvia which as youll know if uve had it is as mind bending as it gets, but only ever had a gram of mushies before, just to get a buzz more than anything else, this nite was about 6 grams consisting of 3 cups of tea and three of these home created massive sized things, of course as with any ingested drug the first instinct is to think "this isnt working" which is why we ate the extra on top of the tea, youd think with a bit of experiance of E and acid id know better haha!, I spent the 1st hour trying to convince myself i was tripping although it was obviously the grass and whisky talking! but when it hit, my god, the comeup made extacy feel like caffiene in comparison, my initial hallucinations began when my buddy was chatting on a messenger service, the pop everytime enter was hit was like popcorn coming from all around the room, I was totally convinced that she was making the noise and couldnt understand that it was the PC

I had planned to record some music under the influence but couldnt find the icon to open cubase at all, ended up with my ear about a meter from the amp playing some long improvised solo, occaisionally playing the same note over and over in different ways to hear the amazing variation, i thought this was 5 minutes long but was told by my flatmate ws more like 30 minuts

Then the ones wed ate hit on the way back from the loo, the walls started breathing and i was excited as holy hell

after this the passage of time isnt clear, all i can remember is having a vision of lying on a desert floor, and that time was infinite, even looking back on mylife i was aware of how long my life had been, day by day as i explored crystal clear memories.During the whole thing i could feel the presence of what i could only call spirit very close to me, keeping me warm and unafraid

when i started comin back down i remembered my mate tripping with me and we had the most in depth conversation ive ever had about everything, and popped a couple of es to end the night

I then proceeded to sleep for 22 hours straight!

I cant begin to describe how amazing it was yet have no urge to do it again soon, i think it would defeat the purpose as it was too good an experiance to cheapen.
i now intend to do it at key new and exciting points in my life almost like a shamanic tool or guide
its been lifechanging and i would recommend it to anyone, i dont think ill try anything else again, after this there seems no point, Es and acid are so fake , weed gives no answers only questions and alchahol clouds the soul in comparison to this.

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