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Love in Vancouver

I'm not sure that labeling this as a 3 is completely accurate.

I'm not sure that labeling this as a 3 is completely accurate. I suppose if you average out the duration of the trip, 3 would be appropriate. :)
A friend and I decided to drive up to B.C. for the weekend to visit another mutual friend. We left Portland really early on Friday morning, and got into Vancouver around 9:30AM. We get to our K's house and she informs us that she has about a quarter pound of fresh shrooms, and we are welcome to them for the weekend. (She's a cultivator) J (the friend I drove up with) looks at me with a big smile. This is exactly what we wanted to do this weekend. Just trip it away in Canada.
So we go down to Granville and hit some shops and hit Gastown for lunch. We decide to go ahead and eat a double dose after lunch, and head back to K's place to listen to our new cd's and trip in her yard. About 30 minutes later we're back at K's place and I start to feel all giddy and stupid so me and J take off into the back yard to play with the dog. The second I walked thru the back door into the yard I felt a new wave of color and sound sweep over me. If it was already this strong after only 30 minutes I knew I was in for some fun!
So we sit in the yard and start jabbering about the trip up, and I notice a storm rolling in over the bay. It looked so vivid, colorful.......it's one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen to this day. I figured we should go all out and eat some more mushrooms. So we each chew down another 4 or 5 mushrooms a piece. This seems to be a common thing that all trippers share. I've noticed in all my times shrooming that we always decide to eat more just before we start peaking, and we always get a bit higher than anticipated.
So now it's about 3:00PM, we're back inside listening to Fluke and shrooming out of our minds! K has a really cool old house and the dimensions are odd to begin with, but after eating all the goodies it was just amazing. I could see a fractal pattern overlaying everything I looked at, and the archways that lead from one room to the next were all out of proportion and kept moving around on me. I remember ducking through them on my way to pee. I thought I was going to hit my head, but the arches are like 7 feet high and I'm only 6'1". It seemed like I pee'd for an hour, and the toilet kept trying to suck me into it. It was kind of funny and disturbing. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, but I looked like and alien with solid black eyes and a huge head. I almost ran out, but caught myself mid-sprint,reassured myself that I wasn't really that freaky looking. :)
I get back into the livingroom, and K is gone, but J is laying on the floor staring at the ceiling and laughing. I ask him if he wants to go outside with me and look at the clouds for a while and he pops at warp speed and gives me a big evil grin. So we step back out and I feel another wave of intensity hit me. I'm so high I can't really feel my body anymore and that made me giggle pretty bad. I kept seeing myself just floating away into the sky,laughing hysterically. Anyway, we lay down in the yard and look up at the dark clouds and J starts saying something about the black squirrels are really big here......or something, I was kind of caught up in myself at the time and only half -heard what he was saying. After what seemed like an hour of laying there, I shot up and looked around. "Where's K??" I asked. J just gave me a puzzled look and said "She had to go to Odyssey and get ready for tonight.....remember?" I didn't. I was just kinda dumbstruck at how I could miss something so significant. I just said "Oh, ok...." and kind of slipped back into my ectsatic state of mind. We stared for a while longer and after a bit, J rolled over and planted a big wet kiss on me. I was only slightly shocked, a few seconds earlier I had been contemplating the same thing. So we went inside and had fantastic............draw your own conclusion.
Anyway. We we're laying in the bed upstairs just watching the show, and floating around. I just kept thinking how wonderful the day had been so far, and how glorious I felt. And how fukkin' wierd this house was!! It seemed like it was designed for the sole purpose of eating large quantities of mushrooms and marveling at the bizzarre floorplan, and strange walls.......it's just a cool house!
So now I struggle to make sense of the clock, I always have difficulty with digital apliances when shroomin'. I finally deduce that it is 6:30, somehow we've kept ourselves busy for over 5 hours. I'm still really high, and J is laying nude next to me on the bed. I almost forgot how we got there, but then remembered some fun details. We are supposed to meet K at 7:30 at Odyssey (it's a club), she's DJ'ing there or something. So I get J to put his clothes on, and he points out that I'm not wearing anything either, oops. I was feeling so nice not trapped inside these garments too. So we go downstairs and hit the fridge, I'm not really hungry but we force ourselves to eat some yogurt....it kept slipping around and crawling off my spoon. It was kind of repulsive but it taste pretty good. Then we decide to eat some more mushrooms before going out. We chow down some more, about 6 each and set out for the Skytrain, I made sure to bring another little bag with me, I knew we would be out late and I wanted to stay high all night. We get downtown, the sun is down, the lights are on and we're just in awe of the city at night. I don't even know how we got up to the club, it was a bit of a walk from the subway station, and we had to walk up Granville a ways (a very busy, vibrant street) But eventually we were in the doors and being intorduced to some guys who immediatley started flirting with both of us. I just grabbed J and smiled politely and ushered him towards the back patio, it was really loud and they were playing some crappy house music. I felt like everyone was staring, so I just wanted to get to the garden area quickly. We sat down with some other friends of mine and began talking about the day. One of the guys wanted to know if he could shroom with us, and me being so nice, gave him what looked like an 8th to me. And watched him munch on 'em. K ened her set a while later and dissappeared again.
I guess she had gotten so high that she just wanted to go wander around the city for a while. Anyway we were sooo high I couldn't stand being around so many people anymore, so J and I took of to the beach to stare at the water and play in the sand. We had some pretty good conversations, and laughed alot. We ended up being high from 1PM to about 2AM,with 2 distinctive peaks. It was increcible, although I don't think I'd ever go so extreme again. I think the greatest thing about the trip was getting together with all my friends, and feeling so loved. But the MOST awesome part was getting together with J, after that first kiss on our first peak, we couldn't go back. We've been together for almost 3 years now. All because of a spur of the moment idea to take off to BC and eat a crapload of mushrooms.

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