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Summer camp 09'

I would guess I took about 2 grams of mushrooms. Then went to a future rock concert.

So 3 of my friends did some rolls and Im not down with that so I at about 2 grams of shrooms. We went to a future rock concert. Very techno rave like atmosphere. Everyone was tripping at this place, mostly on xtasy. I was worried that I may not enjoy a mushroom trip in this enviroment. Normally I endup sitting on the ground and not moving much. Future rock began to play my trip was just about peaking at this moment. The small room quickly became very hot. Everyone was sweating bullets. Everywhere I look I see people sharing Water bottles and Camel backs. I had a feeling like it was symbolic like holy water. The life source. We wouldnt have survived that envrionment without the water. Most importantly was that all these strangers were so willing to share.

I had toughts that were evolutionary. I think it was terrance mckenna that said and this is not an exact qoute but we all have information imbedded in us through generations. I feel as if i had tapped in to my intuition. I saw everyone as male or female, not black or white or nerd or jock. I guess I just saw everyone as human with no stereotypes or mental models. I had thoughts about the nature of mankind. For a while I got to thinking maybe a little tomuch, then this girl nugges her face right under my arm. We started dancing such a bizarr dance it was completely unique she was like a ball of energy and she passed some on to me. The energy in the room grew as if all of our collective energys amplified off eachother. Like that Michael Franti song All the Freaky People Make the Beauty in the World. Its not the color of your skin or the way you look. Its your energy your values your skills, determination and attitude that make people special and different. Alot of people look up professional athletes and celebrities. But everyone is special in some way. Celebrities are just thrown in our face all the time. My cousin was an electrican. But that wasnt for him. So he became a firefighter and is now in training to be a paramedic. I think that is amazing. He couldnt be happier. He manifested his ablities into something positve. He saves lives. Everyone has there way who is to say somebody is better than another.

Just a side note after about 3 days of tripping at summer camp. Well I didnt dream those nights at all that i can remember anyway. But the three following nights i felt like i was trippin in my dreams. I had no visual dream it was like looking at white fog but i felt a little body buzz and I had thoughts of love and compassion. As i usually do when i trip.

Oh yeah and if you never been to a music festival I suggest you do  you wont regret it.

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