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Cottage Fun!

Me and 3 friends, the parents' cottage and a bag of shrooms.

Me and 3 friends, the parents' cottage and a bag of shrooms. Fun. The trip happened sometime in August 2001 when I phoned up my buddy and we got the brilliant idea to go up to the cottage. He had wheels, we had enough money to get the treats, and I just had to get the key from my parents. So after calling them and getting the okay, we were on our way. We picked up my buddy's girlfriend and our friend Jess, got to the cottage, ate our shrooms and the rest is a magical tale. We spent most of the night sitting on the dock; and what a beautiful night it was. Stars shining everywhere, clear sky, the calmest water I've ever seen and LTJ Bukem playing on my little battery-powered stereo. What a way to let the trip slowly come on! And slowly it did. This trip was one of the most pleasingly gradual come ups I've experienced. I think I was having so much fun on the dock before they hit that it wouldn't have mattered if the shrooms even kicked in. But, oh, when they did kick in, wow! Most of the night I spent with my friend Jess, one of the most energetic, truthful, spiritual and caring people I have ever known. She was the perfect person to be there with me on such a wonderful night. We talked for hours about life, religion, our futures, our cares, etc. To this day it is the most truthful and sincere conversation I've ever had with someone. After the chatter, we jumped in the canoe and had little canoe wars with my buddy and his girlfriend. I felt like I was floating; like my 3 friends and I were the only people that existed during those moments, as if we had been transported away into some utopian dimension. Looking at the sky was almost too much to handle sometimes. The beauty of it was overwhelming. I was experiencing the true moment as only nature can present it to you. After the canoe rides we played a game called "ha". The concept of the game is to lie in a square, each person placing their head on someone else's stomach. Then someone starts laughing and your head starts bopping up and down so you start laughing, etc. and it never ends. Sounds stupid, I know, but we ended up laughing for about 30 mins straight. We couldn't stop. I've never laughed so hard in my life! I finished off the night playing a hand drum while Jess listened. Drumming is my passion, the one thing in life that takes me away from any of my worries. I was inspired that night. I played and played and played; all these beats kept pouring out of me. I probably could've played for another 4 hours if everyone hadn't passed out, but the morning was coming so I put the drum away feeling re-awakened to my spirit. The next day had a wonderful glow, but slowly we made our way back to the city, knowing that the beauty we had just experienced may not come around again for quite some time.

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