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starwberry park

Great experience- still, I dont want to do it again

I have shroomed many times but never having consumed more than half an eighth. These experiences have always been very intense due to my light body wieght and unusually fast metabolism (ie. one or two drinks of alcohol gets me pretty smashed). Needless to say, I am very sensitive to all substances.

As an experienced user, I thought I would invite my friend to try them for her first time. Eagerly, we both took a full eighth and went to the park. As we were both coming up, I got to play expert and reassure her when she got minor bouts of anxiety. Overall, this was an enjoyable time where we found ourselves cuddling with one another on the blanket we had brought. My last "reality-based" memory was laying down with her and pointing out all of the amazing shapes that the clouds were making.
As the effects intensified, things had become very dream-like.When I closed my eyes and experienced the blackness pulsating with little blips of light to the beat of an imaginary drum. I hallucinated that the vast park lawn was covered with large strawberries. I turned to my friend and noticed that she was wearing a grayish--blue sweatshirt. This set up my trip for being mountain-themed! Looking up at her sitting grayish-blue figure was like staring up at a giant mountain I was about to climb. The cords from her sweatshirts hood hung down and represented climbing ropes. As I began to climb her, I also noticed the seam of her jeans. You know how the seam on jeans sort of looks like train tracks or a ladder? Well guess what? During my trip, noticing her seam added ladders into my mountain climbing excursion! At some point I took a drink of water, spilled it all over, which felt great and represented gushing waterfalls on my mountain trek. The blue blanket we were sitting on helped add to the experience of being in a place of water.

I started to behave more and more like a little kid, running around the park and giggling to myself over nothing. Others in the park were taking notice of our odd behaviors by now. When reaching for an item out of my back pack while laying down, gravity would pull it down onto me and i felt as if the backpack was an animal that was consuming me (in a non-threatening way). I remember the zipper on the backpack was like little teeth. I could hear others around us commenting about our behaviors. One lady was talking on her cell phone and i heard her laughing, "haha Im watching these shroomers in the park right now". Another hippyish man was laughing at us. I live in an area in northern CA where shrooming in the park and the hippy culture are common, so we were not threatened by the presence of others scrutinizing us. They were friendly and we paid little attention to them. My friend yelled at me "I just pee'd in my pants!" and i was so happy for her that i shouted "yay!" and gave her a big hug, not seeming to care that i was in contact with her urine-soaked jeans.

Next thing I know, I am not in the park at all, but am seeing kaladescopes and flying through colorful tunnels of strawberries. My whole world ceased to exist visually and I was absorbed in a bizarre dream-like mesh of confusion and colors. This experience was inexplicable. As I came down, it was like I had fallen asleep in the park and was just awakening from an intense dream, asking myself how i ended up here. The sun had gone away and clouds had settled in; this sort of ruined the happy ambience that was once there. My friend had experienced some nausea on the come down and had to vomit. I can tell she was profoundly struck as she wanted to leave but also needed some time to gather herself together mentally just to be able to walk towards the car. I made the cognizant decision to drive ourselves home because i was no longer hallucinating or visually impaired. However, I was very confused, still trying to remember my identity. We arrived home with no problems.

I guess that the intensity of the effects had caused me to black out a little as i was having trouble remembering what i just experienced. I recalled instances of sexuality where I was diving into holes and trying to get underneath my friends sweatshirt. This startled me as I conjectured that I had potentially sexually harassed her without knowing it. I asked her about it, and she said it was fine, that i was climing on her but in the way that a playful child climbs on his mother. We layed in my bed until she was situated enough to go back to her house. During this time, i felt euphoric and completely happy. A weird energy vibed in my muscles, although i felt bad because my friend was still dealing with some of her nausea.

Despite a great experience, I dont think I will trip this hard again (I had no idea one eighth would have brought me to that strong of a level!). If i had happened to be in a bad environment, say up on rocky cliffs, i easilly could have obvlisiouly walked off. I just so happened to be in a secure environment but I dont want to take chances anymore. I was so visually gone that if a cop approached and arrested me, i would not have even known what was going on! He would have been a giant teddy bear to me (I saw many teddy bears as well)!

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