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my first trip at the beach

ive been anxious to try shrooms for a longgg time now, and it paid off verrrrrry well

ive been wanting to do shrooms for about the past sixth months. it started when i was on a school field trip to an aquarium. there was this kid with our school who was on lsd, all day he stared at the tropical coral tank. so my friend kristine and i got the idea to go back there on shrooms to see all the tropical fish.

shrooms came into town recently so my friends and i had to get on getting them. after a long day of finding who actually still had any, we got them. while i was with everyone we had 2 8ths, one for me and one to be split with my girlfriend and my friend kristine. so we split it up, i got mine, my girlfriend got hers, but then my girlfriend and i left. we wanted to go to the beach. there were people we were with who would bug us out so we left them. unfortunately, we didnt go to the aqarium with kristine.

so me and my girlfriend picked up my two friends who were gonna watch us and drive us around and we headed to the beach. we started eating in the car. we had them straight on empty tomachs. my girlfriend felt it first, she started histerical laughing at nothing and was so focused on flowers that were at the beach.

it took a good 30 minutes for me to feel something. we were sitting in my car listening to music parked up on a small cliff where you can overlook the whole beach. i felt as if i was being pushed down in my seat and i could feel the music more than i could hear it. the car felt bigger and my arms felt longer. looking out to the beach, everything was as if it was in HD. a few more of my friends arrived to go on a nature walk.
there are trails at this beach that are also along a cliff. the trail is canopied by trees. the trees felt so comforting and beautiful like they were protecting me. i felt completely enclosed but i liked it.

there was an opening in the trail with a very steep sandy hill down to the beach, so we all ran down it. at the bottom was a salt marsh that is behind the actual beach. it was low tide, so we decided to go in the water. there was a patch of very smooth sand that felt amazing. and there were all kinds of crabs running around. we just stood there for a while talking. then one of my friends, pat, had a little baby doll in his pocket. he tried to freak out my girlfriend and make her look crazy. she was like "he has a baby in his pocket". everyone including me was like she is reeeeeally tripping! but it ended up he really did have a doll, he just tried to fuck with us.

we got out of the water when i really started peaking. it was a beautiful warm day. there were a few clouds. the clouds felt like they were covering us in a big dome. it was such an amazing feeling. the sun rays were very well defined when the sun started to set. my girlfriend and i kept just focusing on the clouds or the sun. the sand on the beach felt so warm. the trees behind the beach were so well defined as well. there was a really tall light post covered in vines that to me and my girlfriend looked like a green giraffe. i brought my ipod to listen to animal collective, which ended up being an amazing idea. their music was perfect. everytime i put my headphones all other sounds were completely cut off, yet my volume was fairly low. my friends would talk to me but it was like they were on mute and all that mattered was the music. we left after that to get food. the music in the car continued to be absolutely amazing. i had a beef taco. chewing was a strange feeling but it felt good. i was such a messy eater but i didnt care.

after eating, we went to my friend davids house. this was the bad idea of the day. its when i was coming down and my girlfriend and i did not want to be inside. at first it was alright. we were just staring at his pet finch and turtles. the finch was so cool just to watch it flutter and chirp alot. then when i sat down on his couch, i felt extreme pressure all over my body. my mind started running but i kept telling myself its alright. everything was still funny, i was very giddy, but i still felt this bad feeling i couldnt explain. so even though i was kind of freaking out, i was still happy, it was strange. my friend david asked me if i wanted to drink and i bugged out on him and i screamed at him saying "why are you talking to me!". in my mind that isnt what i wanted to say at all but i couldnt really help it. i wanted to just say "no" but that came out instead.

after a while of thinking of what to do, my girlfriend and i decided to leave. we had came down fully and felt completely exhausted. so we went to my house to sleep for a bit when my friend kristine called. i had forgotten all about them after we split up in the beginning of the day. i just felt so sad and depressed. i didnt know what to say. she said we can go chill with them for a bit. so the rest of my friends that we split up with earlier were rolling on E, so needless to say they were off the walls whereas my girlfriend and i were dead tired. we hung out there for a bit and left to take a nap. i drove my girlfriend home later on and came home to feel complete normal again, not even that tired anymore.

so all in all, it was an absolutely amazing experience. even the downs were still cool experiences, i cant explain it. i felt so insightful on everything around me that i could think of a million things at once. it felt reallllllllllly good. i will definitely be doing it again, this time i will definitely go to the aquarium with my friends and just stare at those tropical fish ;-)

p.s. im pretty sure ill be taking shrooms for when i see animal collective live later this summer. their music was a perfect backdrop for the trip.

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