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My 8th trip, a wake up call

my cousin and I, an eight each, lemon teked.

let me tell you some information prior to the trip. i've tripped 8 times now counting this last trip. prior to this trip, i hadn't trip in at least 3 months due to the scarcity of shrooms around my area. i'm a shroom lover. i've only done weed, coke, and shrooms since the age of 17 when i started experimenting with drugs (coke i've only done 3 times). it's been about 2 months since this last trip, a trip i will never forget for it was the strongest trip of my life.

background info: 21 years old, 5'9, 144 lb, sophomore in college.

this time it was going to be my cousin and I only; we've tripped together before but always with someone else too. destination: his house. his family all work in the morning so we had at least 6 hours to trip balls wih no worries.

we get together around 10 in the morning. we had planned this trip 2 days ahead but for some reason my cousin wanted to go pick up his diploma from our community college that is somewhat of a 7 minute drive. This bothered me a little because my cousin tends to do this type of shit sometimes, we have plans but the guy just loves to do some random shit that he was suppose to do days ago. whatever. i tell him that we don't have enough time to go and come back to eat the shrooms (we need to eat them around 9:30 to 10 because we had to be at work at 4) and suggest that we should just eat the shrooms and then go pick up his shit. i figure that by the time we come back we would just start tripping.

So we do that. An eight each. we cut the shrooms in little pieces, dip them in lemon juice for about 10 min, and then poured the lemon juice shroom shots into a bigger glass full of orange juice. i drank my goodies within 2 minutes. my cousin took at least 10 minutes or more. we leave and so we were on our way to the college. inside we encountered a couple of friends we haven't seen in a while. they were cool and i was wearing my shades but for some reason this freaked me out a little (it's been about 20 minutes since I ate the shrooms). we proceeded in our mission to get the diploma; however, there was just one problem. my cousin forgot to bring his student I.D so in the end he couldn't get shit. He was a little pissed (as usual when he gets fucked for something he did) but we were on our way home and i was glad (though i also had other mind games in the back of my head, such as concern about getting caught up by our parents, who are very anti-drug).  in our way home i could feel it building up. i saw a wave of air/energy flying in the sky above us and i knew right there and then that the trip was real and soon i'd be leaving to another dimension (mind you it's been like 35 minutes).

We finally arrived and it was great. we thought we walk around the block with the dog because the dog had to pee and we weren't feeling the full effect of the shrooms just yet. it was a nice day but walking was becoming just a little bit more complicated with each step. i thought, "shit wtf, usually i don't feel this heavy until at least a couple of hours into the trip" (it's been about an hour now). we finally arrive home again and now it was time for some hardcore videogaming. we played metal gear solid for ps3. i've told my cousin about how fucking cool this game was while trippin. and indeed it was fucking crazy, we started to see numbers and codes everywhere in the game, so much that we couldn't even understand the game anymore, so we decided that it was time for some street fighter 4. now, i used to be good at street fighter, not great, but good. however as in lately, i suck more than any other noob who's never played before in his life. that all changed while we were trippin. my victories were mothafucking flawless. i was dominating every character and doing especials on everybody like crazy. this gave me a lot of joy because i really thought i didn't have it in me anymore.

About 2 hours into the trip and we couldn't play anymore. i remember thinking to myself, why can't i just let go? why am i resisting? and indeed i was, i don't know why, but i feel like i was getting higher and higher and it was just getting harder and harder to function mentally and physically. i've also tripped on a eight lemon teked on my last trip and it was amazing. i reached enlightment and overall was my best trip to date. this time however, the shrooms had a different path to show me. they were fucking around with my head too much (the shrooms) and getting me confused as hell. You say all this shit to yourself prior to trippin, that you know that the effect will fade away eventually and that you're just trippin, but all that really means shit when you truly believe that something had gone wrong. my cousin was laying in the floor feeling heavy as shit so i stood up and when to drink some water and take a piss. i was high as shit and a part of me didn't want to be high anymore (probably because i haven't been this high before). i took a piss and when i was done i saw piss all over the floor. i freaked out. i didn't know if i had pissed on the floor or i was hallucinating but the idea of being so fucked up that i was pissing on the floor made me realized that i had lost my sanity (i didn't pee on the floor btw). i come out, confused as shit, and I see blood in the floor (i knew i was trippin but it still gave me the creeps). then my cousin, looking confused as hell, tells me: "Something is wrong". i knew it! i fucking knew it. it's not me just being dilusional and paranoid (i was keeping all inside because i didn't want to fuck up his trip) but he had also realized that something did not feel right. it was 1 in the afternoon (3 hours to the trip) and we had to go to work at 4. we had done this before and we were fine by 2:30. this time i wasn't so sure if we were going to be fine in 2 hours.

I said fuck it, we have to sober up because we have to sober up. i've read in the shroomery a few weeks ago that if you help a person who's about to OD on heroin walk, his heart will not stop and the person will not die. i was scared of closing my eyes and going into trance because for some reason i thought that maybe we weren't going to wake up on time to go to work or even worse one of us would die or something fucked up like that. i started to tell my cousin that he couldnt go into trance, that he had to stay awake, that only by staying awake was he going to be able to stay in this reality, i didn't want him to die. i started walking around the diner table like a fucking mad man, i was drinking lots of water because i've always trusted the power of water and how good it makes me feel when i drink it. we were sweating like crazy, all this time my cousin kept on telling me to calm down and that nothing bad was going to happen, that i was just having a hard trip and that we should just relax. i didnt want to relax. i was afraid of relaxing, i wanted to stay awake, i was facing so many emotions all at once i couldn't understand anything anymore. I hated the shrooms, me who once loved them hated the shrooms for turning on me like this. i have a big poster of some shrooms in my room and i just wanted to go and tear it to pieces. my mom called me (as usual) but for some reason i thought she had found out that i was doing shrooms. my family is totally anti-drug so that would be the end of everything (i live with them). I needed to stay awake, i need to stay awake. I needed to feel the energy of the earth helping me and the power of the water healing me. Finally (and thankfully), i listened to my cousin (after like 30 minutes of acting like a total lunatic). Time had lost all meaning and although i did knew who i was and what i've done, i did lost touch with reality (in a sense that at some points i couldn't tell from right and wrong).

we tried our best to describe to each other how and what we were feeling. this, little by little, brought us closer and closer to reality. we talked about everything. about our feelings, about our lifes, our struggle, our goals and failures and this helped us a lot. i'm a reserved person, i tend to keep my most personal feelings to my self because that's just the way i am. i haven't cried in a while, not because i don't want to but bcause it just doesn't happen. this time, after a long time, i cried. i cried for my brother. just because he's my younger (12 younger) and i love him to death. i hugged my cousin (something we would only do in like birthdays and shit) and told him that he was also like my brother. likewise, he confesed that i was also like a brother to him, and that this was the strongest experience of our lifes as well as a wake up call to start acting more like adults and less like little kids (we're the same age).

it's funny because i'm somewhat well informed about the psychedelic experience. i've read hundreds of trip reports as well tripped on an eight by myself and with others (8 times which is not a lot but not bad either) but man, never tripped this hard before. i know you could trip way harder than this but to me this is as good as it gets (at least for now, i'm not even planning on doing shrooms at all).

sorry i didn't went into detail about the hallucinations, i only remember two. one was that the floor carpet looked like a fucking sea, like mayan/aztec imagery, and like a big muddy puzzle. the other was that the dog looked deformed with like 6 legs and that gave me a devilish and freaky vibe.

i also had random homosexual thoughts (i've had this happened to me before while trippin) and although they were sometimes disturbing (because i'm straight and i didn't want to see men fucking), i've come to understand that mushrooms are a very sexual drug and that they do not discriminate when it comes to fucking (in my last trip they showed me guys fucking, girls fucking, things fucking, kids fucking, gods fucking, fucking and morphing - eh you get the point).

thank you very much for reading and have a nice a trip!
(ps: yes, we did make it to work, we were good by 3 o'clock)

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