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First trip - Forest

Great trip turned bad

So, this was my first time doing mushrooms, and the only so far, but I hope to do them again soon. Hard to get around here. This was a few months ago, so I don't remeber it  clearly.

Anyway, me and my gf had been planning to do shrooms for awhile. We were at my house and each ate slightly more then half an eighth of the stuff, and then get dropped off at forest about a mile from my house. In the car, I started to feel slightly different, not a lot though, just....funny. By the time we had walked into the forest a ways and sat down, I was feeling quite  a bit stoned, except lighter, and more giggly and loose. After a few minutes of this, I defintley began to trip.

The base of a tree we were by was oddly shaped and deformed, and turned into a wood nymph type thing with an insect growing out of its body. The branches formed a dragonfly, and it's tongue was actually moving, and the leaves and branches arranged themselves into pictures and patterns. The grain in the wood was flowing like rivers. When I stopped focusing on something and just stared, everything became a kaleidoscope pattern and changed colors. I heard a woodpecker, and it's sound was beautiful - it echoed throughout the forest. I felt connected with the forest, and everything else. Time was slow. Ten minutes felt much, much longer.
Now during all this, my gf was having somewhat of a bad trip,  because she didn't feel comfortable, I guess, so I agreed to leave. I put on some infected mushroom and started to walk. I literally felt like I was walking in a sea of mushrooms - they were sprouting around me - one song felt like a lifetime, and it was tripping me out it hadn't ended yet. I felt very loose and rubbery. We sat a bench and relaxed at the park - the whole time, my mind was going off on weird thoughts, and my eyes were closed. I saw lasers, flowers, and shapes. At one point my gf put on an enya song that really tripped me out for some reason, I can't explain it. It was just eery and sounded like it kept repeating forever. When I did open my eyes, everything was a blueish purple. We sat there for an hour, although it didn't feel like it, and decided to leave again. We walked to the street, and it was amazing - I felt the sun on my face and saw all the plants warping around me and colors changing, and I was content with my life, just smiling and walking,

This is where it went bad.
I had kept my phone off to avoid calls, but I guess i had turned it on to check the time and forgot to turn it off. My parents called.
They needed to fucking pick us up, because they needed our help. I had no idea what to say on the phone. I was convinced in my mind they were doing this all because they KNEW I was shrooming and wanted to catch me. I finally agreed that we would walk home. The whole walk, my mind was freaking out  - I was lost in viscious circles of thought I couldn't get out of, no matter how much I reasoned myself. I was ranting on about what I'd say to my parents, and how we'd be fucked, etc, while my gf tried to calm me down.

Strangely, when I finally got home, I was fine. I helped them with what they needed, and went upstairs. (Downstairs my colors didnt change, but my parents were all fuzzy and the walls were bright and warping.) Upsatairs in my room, I put on Einstunzde Neubaten and stared at my wall - the patterns formed ancient chinese paintings at war with each other, and my gfs face seemed to be evaporating. We layed closed to each other, and I didn't know whos limbs were whos, and it felt like we were falling into the bed.By this point I wasn't tripping as hard, so where as I first started I was like a child, rediscovering my senses, it was the opposite now - my mind was moving at 100mph, just thinking about all aspects of my life. I felt closer to my gf then ever before.
 After being there for awhile, it got dark, and we went outside for a walk. We weren't really tripping anymore, just felt calm and refreshed, and everything was still a little clearer and brighter. We walked around my neighborhood and just absorbed in everything, it was very nice and calm.

That's it basically - doesn't do it justice at all, not nearly as detailed as it was, and it's hard to explain, because most of it was my mind going off on weird shit.
And random note - both smoking and yawning were great.

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