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First trip

first trip

duluth minnnesota can become pretty boring now and then...hanging out with some buddies, looking for some drugs wasnt to much around and after awhile i remembered my buddy telling me he triped for the first time the night before so, i suggested it to my two other buddies, one of which was his first time and the other "said" he tripped about 3 times prior. so we got the boomers $20 for a half 8th, drove to a spot, parked and started to munch. they had very long stems and alsmost a bronze/orangeish color and dark blue underneath..so we drove to downtown and decided to walk around a wait for these to kick in..after smoking some MJ we then started to walk through the skywalk. around midnight i could start to feel a way 'heavier" stoned than i already was...i was anxious at first, almost nervous you could say because i have never 'tripped' before...only xtc and some bullshit pills...20 25 minutes later we were in this room with vibrant colors and crazy marble flooring. i started having what felt like millions of thoughts rushing into my head at one time and didnt know what to do with myself...i wasnt seeing anything yet but then when we started to walk out ofthe room, i didnt want to leave for some reason but we ended up leaving and driving back to our area...both of my buddies were starting to trip pretty good and i was scared he wouldnt be able to drive us back...when we were driving i started to have good visuals and a wicked body high...for some reason i kept feeling this wierd flash you could say.... in the middle of my head i didnt like that all to much...we went to a gas station to use the bathroom and when i was inside i couldnt stop laughing until i looked in the mirror and it creeped me out a little bit..i went back to the car and once we started to leave i started to have super wicked trails and i just felt like sleeping super bad, i couldnt keep my eyes open and when i did i felt like i was going to puke so i layed down for a little bit and felt better ..so we parked and smoked a little bit which was kinda hard, and felt really strange which i didnt like. after that my buddies were tripping out super bad so i had them drop me off and i went to my buddies house and watched a moviethen passed out...all toghter the trip was only 3 1/2 4 hours but i ffelt like that was a time to come down...over all i thought it was fun but wouldnt do it on a regular basis.

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