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Barmitzva trippin

I had grown tired of tripping on mushrooms in everyday situations like in a friends room or a park so when the opportunity came up to go to a barmitzva I was happy.

I had grown tired of tripping on mushrooms in everyday situations like in a friends room or a park so when the opportunity came up to go to a barmitzva I was happy. (a barmitzva is a jewish celebration in which a person comes of age). The barmitzva was being held for my Mom's friend's son and even though we are not Jewish we were asked to come along.

I decided to take my best friend along even though he was a bit worried about shroomin in a public place like a synagog.We packed a nice bag of dried liberty caps and some weed and headed out to Vancouver.

We arrived at the church and decided we might as well find a seat before we injested our shrooms. On entering the church we were informed that we would have to wear round jewish hats on our heads.After finding a seated we snuck out to smoke weed and eat shrooms. We walked to a store and consumed our drugs and then got a drink.By the time we got back about 25 minutes had passed.

We quickly snuck in and took our seats. About 10 minutes passed and I started to feel high and it was just as the service started. The Rabbi at the front welcomed everybody and then started reading hebrew from his book. If anybody has heard hebrew being spoken they know how trippy it sounds even without being high. It sounded like the rabbi was talking and singing at the same time. I looked over at my friend who looked very wide-eyed and somewhat scared.He told me he regreted coming here.

As time went on I was getting higher and higher. I could now see small visuals and the hebrew chanting was starting to put me in a trance. To try and get my mind off how high I was getting I decided to try and make it look like I was following the service in the jewish bible. The only problem was the book is partly written upside down and the pages are listed in a wierd numbering system. I guess it looked like I was lost because an old guy from the back tapped me on the shouder and started trying to help me. I wouldnt normally have a problem with this exept I couldnt understand a word he was saying(he sounded like a toad with strept throat) and he was talking at me within a couple inches of my face. I tried to find the page but couldnt and each time I stopped on a page he would be right back in my face so I blurted out "im not jewish" and put the book down.

It was then time for the baritzva kid(lets call him david) to read hebrew so he stood up and walked up to the mic. My friend whispered in my ear that he looked like a pale bloated hamster I started laughing. David started reading and it sounded so funny my friend and I started snickering uncontrollably. His voice sounded like he was suffering with a cold and between each sentence he would make a slurping noise, obviously from spit being sucked trough his buck teeth. As he was reading I was at the peak of my trip and was enjoying peoples faces looking distorted and the wood on the walls somewhat moving.

After David finished the next rabbi started reading.He was a fat man and had a very high pitched voice I started tripping out and imagined him as john Candy doing a rabbi skit on sctv it fit him perfectly.

not much happen over the last part exept everybody started dancing and singing and everyone looked happy I felt nervous and out of place. I talked to my friend about it after he said he had a bad trip, I on the other hand had a fairly good one.

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