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Crazy time in Arkansas

It all started with 1gram cubes in lime juice

Well, me and some friends decided to tripp lastnight.
See I recently got arrested and my family is realy watching me even though Im an adult.
But this ties into the story later.

So I drive to this girl Jills house, Im with 3 of my friends.
We all took our mushrooms, Im the only one who took them with lemon juice,
and decided to go to one of my friends house to hang out and start tripping,
well while Im laying there I look up at the ceiling and see the popcorn turn into flowers
and crazy ass demensions that start to rotate, well I started to get annoyed at my friends
because they where just saying random things, so I had them drop me off at the park just a few
blocks from my house. I chill there for a while waiting for my grandparents to go to bed,
so after an hour or so I go home. Everyone is asleep. But right there on the kitchen table
is some print offs for a casing tek that I printed off. (I want to grow shittake mushrooms,
nothing illegal because im in some legal trouble right now). So im pissed because I knew
they went through my shit, and being an adult, I dont like people going through my stuff, Im
not 15 years old. So I continue to tripp the rest of the night.
I took the mushies at 6:30 and tripped till 12:30, not bad for $10bucks.

Well the next day (today) I got to explain to my grandma that I wanted to grow mushrooms
as a therapy to keep me occupied while Im looking for a job and wanted to grow shittake mushrooms.
But reguardless she freaked out on me saying the documentary said "SHROOMERY" and since it
has shrooms in the title it must be used for cultivating illegal mushrooms.
Now she wants me out of the house, but fuck it, Id rather live in a car then stay here with people
who continuously accuse me of being a drug addict (I dont even smoke pot).

So what i learned from this tripp:
Whether you plan on doing something illegal or not,
make sure it cant be interpreted as something bad.

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