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2 trips w/girlfriend

first a little background: i typically do not like using drugs, and will realize this only after doing it again once i have forgotten why i dont like it in the first place.

first a little background:

i typically do not like using drugs, and will realize this only after doing it again once i have forgotten why i dont like it in the first place. i have only experimented with psychoactives, no "hardcore" drugs like coke or heroin, and dont plan on advancing into hardcore ever. the only drug i can enjoy with any frequency is ecstacy, although i do it only on rare occasions due to my poor feelings toward the comedown associated with E, i assume do to its amphetamine like properties. i absolutely hate marijuana because it messes up my mind and causes me to think too much. im not sure why, but i just cant handle the stuff. never tried acid because im scared of it, although i may someday. i hope this information has somewhat established by mindset toward trying shrooms.

the first time occured about a year ago. we did it alone in my friends room (with his permission) while he was away. he shared the house with a few other guys and they were home at the time, with full knowledge that we were going to shroom for the first time. i had bought the shrooms from one of his roommates a few weeks prior to that night. we did a relatively small amount, only half an eighth each. when the effects started to set in i was trying to start a visualization plugin on the computer in the room using winamp. the winamp froze up and i began to get really irritated at the computer, and i never figured out how to get it to work. i felt like the computer was trying to piss me off by not working, and my girlfriend kept laughing at me struggle with the thing. after a few minutes i could no longer function in front of the comp and went to lay down. as i was laying there the room began to take on a pink tint and i saw little pink swirels on the walls and ceiling. nothing too fantastic, just curious little images. a few times a cute little pink elephant head appeared on the ceiling and seems to smile at me. further into the experience i began to not have fun. as the drug was trying to seperate me from my ego, i kept fighting it and tried desperately to hold onto my sense of self. this seemed to cause my mind to receed into itself. what i mean is that my mind could think and function properly (or so it seemed), but all perceptions were screwed up and speaking was impossible. i felt trapped in my body, not knowing who i was and knowing with certainty at the same time. during this time i was very confused and worrysome. this state went on for quite sometime, and me and my girlfriend just layed there on the bed next to each other, sharing a blanket and staring at the ceiling. i had some really great visuals when i closed my eyes, such as geometric patterns which seemed to breath. these patterns would come together and solidify, sort of like interlocking pieces, then they would slowly fade then the pattern would reforn again. the visuals were very clear and it was probably the most enjoyable part of my experience. during the entire trip, me and my girlfriend had several episodes where we would seemingly come back to reality and be able to talk to each other perfectly normally for a short period of time, then fade back into our own worlds again. after about 4-5 hours of visualls and confusion, i started to get tired of the experience and wondered if it was going to end. i kept thinking about it and it started to wory me and it made me quite upset. this in turn upset my stomach and i went into the bathroom at sat by the toilet. after a few minutes the shrooms decided that they would rather be swimming in toilet water, and so out they came. i swear that not even five seconds after i threw them up i was back to reality! thats when i got the (false) notion that if youre not having fun with shrooms, just throw them up and youll be fine (important later). as i slowly readjusted to the real world, i began to have several deep realizations about the way the mind works and the human capacity for language. strange because i thougth this was supposed to happen during the trip? anyway, after it was over i felt refreshed and energized! we drove back to my house and quickly went to sleep, without any aparent side effects. all in all, i rate this experience a 6 out of 10 for uniqueness to anything else i had ever envolved myself with before, although it was confusing and scary at times i think i still enjoyed it.

the second time occured last weekend. remember i said we only took half an eighth the first time? well we were bored so we considered doing the remainder. i didnt know if they would still be potent because they were a year old and i only kept them sealed in a plastic bag in a shoebox in my closet. i went online and researched this and didnt find too much on the subject of storage, so we decided to find out for ourselves. we crushed up the remainder and poured it into a couple glasses of orange juice, then quickly downed it. after about 10 to 15 minutes i began to feel very sick. i began to worry that the shrooms were bad and that we shouldnt have taken them. my girlfriend seemed to agree that they were bad, and was convinced that nothing was going to happen. while i was struggling to keep them down, she was watching tv and was completely fine. i began to get the chills and shivered uncontrollably. she told me to calm down and thought i was just worrying. not too long from then i rushed to the bathroom and threw up twice, again the shrooms wanted to swim in toilet water rather than stay in my stomach, so out they came. having purged myself of the shrooms, we were both convinced that nothing was going to happen, to me or my girlfriend. so we just say watching the drew carry show and thats when i began to notice that something wasnt right. the faces of the actors began to turn a dark red, and the shapes of their heads shifted. this was only a slight but noticable occurance. i told my girlfriend that i was starting to noticed things and she told me that i was just imagining it. she was still perfectly fine. i tested myself by waving my hand in front of my face, and doing other silly things to try and notice a diffence in perception. i kept asking her if she was sure she didnt feel anything and she did not for quite some time. it seems i had a particularly fast metabolism that day, and the shrooms excreted their drug then got the hell out of me. i began to notice that i must be feeling the effects, but was getting upset that i was alone, and that the shroom did not appear to work on my girlfriend. soon after though she too felt the effects, and since she actually kept them down it must have started more intense than my experience. so there we were, both restless and trying to calm down and have fun with it. she kept tell me to remember what we read online, to just relax and have fun. well this is something that is hard for me to do when my ego is being ripped away from me. however i was getting mad that i couldnt just relax so i finally forced myself to let go and just lay still. to my own amazement i was able to let go of my ego and just let my mind explore! unlike the first time, this time we both had lots of fun with this second experience! we layed down in bed the entire time in our own little worlds listening to acidtrance and hardtrance. i was deeply involved with the music and it definitely enhanced the experience. the body high was very nice and relaxed, and i had some visuals such as spirals and other strange patterns, but mostly a dreamy kind of vision that was hard to make out, and no cool interlocking geometric patterns this time. now that i had learned to let go of my ego and have fun with my feelings, i had a very introspective trip and feel that i learned a lot about myself, how to improve on my personality, and also how to improve my relationship with my girlfriend. it was a very helpfull and informative experience, and we both had a lot of fun this time! i also learned that shrooms stay good for at least a year in a shoebox, and that just because u throw them up doesnt mean that u wont trip. i rate this experience a 7 out of 10 because i learned to free my mind from my ego, had lots of fun, and learned alot from it. i dont rate it higher because i think that it could have been much better if i hadnt thrown them up so soon.

i dont know, i think these experiences go to prove that drugs and me dont mix too well, although i really enjoyed the second time and will definitely do it again. i guess im just too scientific and feel i need to try everything at least once. hope you all enjoyed my stories!

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