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Mind Reading

Has this happened to anyone else?!

I am not sure if this experience even qualifies as "Level 5", but I have no idea where to put it and need some feedback.  If someone has heard of this happening or it has happened to them let me know.  I'm so interested in knowing how this could happen... K, so here goes.  

Every time I have shroomed, it is with one of my best friends named "Ron."   There are times when it has just been the two of us, but for the most part we usually have other people with us.  Sometimes we share the same "type" of trip, but for the most part I would say our experiences are generally different.  I am usually more of a visual person, whereas he is not.  What we do share in common however, are our thoughts.  It sounds REALLY crazy I know, but it's as true as the grass is green. 

The first time it happened, we were shrooming with one of our friends (not a close friend my any means, just a cool dude) named "Matt."  Matt starts doing really weird shit on his trip and becomes crazy annoying... Dominating the iTunes playlist, being really fidgety, saying corny things... Just being annoying and distracting to the chill mood that Ron and I were in. 

When Matt starts to turn into the Energizer Bunny, Ron and I are just looking at each other in utter disbelief that this is really happening.  We smoke a blunt and that's when things get crazy for the two of us. 

Matt must have done something else bizarre and as Roshan and I are looking at each other, we start to have a dialogue with one another... WITHOUT speaking!! We would just go back and forth with one another, with occasional outbursts of laughter.  We were completing each other's sentences and thoughts (this happened out loud).  There were times we would just look at each other like, "is this really happening?"  This went on for HOURS!!!

The first time this happened, we didn't actively realize what was going on until we stopped tripping.  Ron said something along the lines of, "Hey, I felt like we had a really strong mental connection...like I was talking to you without speaking and we were thinking the same things."  And of course I was like, "Me too!" 

It's the strangest thing ever and has happened subsequently every time after we have shroomed.  I don't know what to attribute this to, as nothing remotely similar has EVER happened to me in my life!!

Can anyone relate or have a clue as to why this happens?!

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