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Warped out completely

tripping balls

Hi it was my 4th time taking shrooms and the previous time's i took them i only took 2g's and i did'nt trip at all. However now i took 2 eighths and i really got messed up.  It all started when i was taking a crap in my bathroom from the awfull nausia. Ok so i was looking at the walls while taking a crap and my whole bathroom felt like it closing in on me if i looked around everything would be breathing and closing in on me. Now i got really nervous because i somehow got a thought in my head that i am going to be stuck like this forever. But later on my friend came by to help me out cause i was tripping out so bad. We wen't outside and when i stepped out everything was colorful bright and if i looked my shoes it would swirv into the concrete. we went to the lake and i layed down and stared into the sky and the sky was round it was weird but the clouds were moving fast for some reason like really fast. Then we went to get something to eat and the waiter looked like a were wolf. He gave me a glass of water and when i put it down on the table i looked at my hand and my hand was bending back and forth. Everyone was looking at me like i was some psycho. Wen't home and stared at my tv to try to relax and my tv was zooming in out towards me it was crazy. Wen't to bed and woke up feeling great.

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