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Wonderland Dreaming

Tonight was the night that me and three friends were going to trip.

Tonight was the night that me and three friends were going to trip. Two of us (me and S) swallowed 20 grams fresh each and K & M did 15 grams each (this was at about 9:15pm). We made our best attempts to chew and swallow them without tasting - M broke them up and swallowed them in parts, almost vomitting in the process. Anyway.. we went upstairs and watched a Simpsons Halloween special and a Southpark episode. After that we all decided to go for a walk to the nearby national park. There's a big sports oval with an undercover concrete area with a canteen - it's frequented at night by potsmokers :) Anyhow we proceeded into the ominous forest. Things were starting to get kind of interesting.. not much - but there was certainly a change in perception. As we walked along the path in the forest we noticed a definite improvement in night vision.. we arrived at this beautiful cliff edge which gave us a view of the city in the distance along with the rolling hills covered in trees. The rain was falling lightly and felt like little pinpricks all over. I looked at the forest and noticed strange black fuzzy things that would grow and shrink. Nothing much really.. CEV's were kinda cool though - colourful patterns and such. After closing my eyes for a bit and opening them I got pinpricks of colour here and there. Kinda cool :) We walked back via the same path and I came to the realisation that what was happening is that our brains were processing our vision slower than we were moving, so the path was time delayed and we couldn't really tell where we were stepping, that resulted in me stepping into quite a few puddles heh. Anyway we decided to go back to the house and on the way back there was this dog sitting at the front of a house growling at us. An evil growl. Its owner came outside and starting shouting in some funny balkan-eque sounding language - S proceeded to burst out laughing which set the rest of us off. It was hillarious :D
To cut a long story short, we got home and decided to smoke some weed and see what that'd do. After preparing the stuff we came to the top of the street (K was left behind still rolling some j's) and proceeded to smoke (it was about 12am). The effect was instantenous - we were all propelled into our trip at lightspeed. Suddenly everything looked so different.. the trees.. the soft sound of the chimes with the wind.. the croaking frogs in the creek.. everything - just being alive was so beautiful. I looked at the leaves on a branch and pointed them out to S & A. They looked. I'm not sure if they saw what I did but they looked anyway.
Everything was so new and exciting. It felt like something out of a dream - like Wonderland! It was a big story. I noticed a sort of ringing in my ears.. kinda like the feeling you get in your ears when you smile real hard (try it!). M packed another cone and smoked some more and then proceeded to lay down in the middle of the road. I was looking at the creek with the little fence and so was S. He pointed out how perfect it looked - like a little pasture in a fairy-tale with a huge castle in the background.. amazing!
We decided to get to the park and the forest before this great state of mind wore off. It was our mission. Everything was a mission from that point on it seemed. Anyway, we got M up who told us that he had become one with the frogs. As we walked up the street M pointed out this side-street which had huge trees on either side of it, forming a cool tunnel of trees which looked like a looming evil forest. It rushed at me - the black in the background moved quickly into the foreground so I ran up the hill away from it and felt better. M thought I was ridiculing him but I made it clear that I wasn't.
At the top of the hill there was this amazing little set of stairs which led up to a huge house. It looked like the entrance to a huge castle. S found the stairs absolutely intriguing. We walked down the hill and there's this little path which has foliage on either side that cuts between two streets. It looked so very different from the first time we had gone through there that night. It felt like a totally new and wonderful place. The trees looked amazing. There was this huge tree shaped like a big ball that had an evil smile like a big halloween pumpkin. It scared the shit out of M and he ran and then so did I.
We arrived at the park and decided to wait for K, feeling bad that we had left him behind. He arrived just then and came to get a lighter off me, obviously pissed off.. I gave him the lighter and told him everything would be better once he smoked his weed. He smoked and S went to talk to him. After that he decided to join us going into the forest. As we walked the path would just appear in front of us, out of thin air. It was a truly awe-inspiring experience. I envisioned us on a small part of some planet in this universe - a very imaginary visual thing which looked so vivid. I felt like I had tunnel vision and got very disoriented.. but we made it to the ledge anyway. Me and M that is. S & K got lost along the way.
Me and M sat down on the ledge overlooking the vast expansive forest with the city in the distance. I could see so many cool things.. the visuals were just AMAZING. Colours everywhere, the forest breathing as one mass. The pinpricks of the rain returned. The wind was blowing softly. Just great! Things on the rocks started to glow. S & K finally found their way to the ledge. We were sitting there a while and K decided I was the devil.. I thought he was doing that just to annoy me so I decided to scare him by saying weird devil-like stuff. I didn't succeed. Anyhow we decided it would be cool if we went and took the path down to a huge cascading waterfall. So we walked back out to the field and tried to find the other path. I believed I had found it and started walking into it.. I got scared and told M to go before me - he did and almost walked into a HUGE spider web. He went running back to the benches under-cover and we all followed. M lay down and tripped out. I went around the corner and found this really cool brick on the wall. It had some white grafitti on it but it looked so damned cool - it was breathing and distorting. I loved it. I started to see faces and images would appear and disappear. I got that ringing in my ears again. Anyhow - K was making fun of the fact that I was looking at a brick which pissed me off and I told him to go away. He went and stumbled around and fell onto S, who was sitting on another bench. I smoked another cone and it reintensified my trip. I went to look at the brick once more and started to notice all of the ambient sound - the crickets, the gently patting of the raindrops against the ground, the musical hum of the bathroom next to where I was standing.
I went back and told K & S to come and listen to the crickets but then we decided to leave. There's this small horse pasture on the other side of the road from the oval - we all came up to the fence and started looking at the horse happily chewing away on some grass. K starting saying that the horse can understand us and told us that the horse's ear movements were signalling yes, no or not sure depending on whether he moved one, the other, or both. I have to say the horse did really look like it knew all :)
We then walked back to my place and I went upstairs to listen to music, M went to sleep on the spare bed that was in this room. S & K went downstairs and watched Little Nicky. I really enjoyed music at this point - music kinda sucked on the come-up but on the come-down it was grrrrrreat! I was watching the visualizations in winamp (get the Jet plugin - it RULES :) and they looked truly amazing. The colours were so vibrant.. the movements so precise.. fantastic! Anyhow after about half an hour of that I went down and watched a bit of Little Nicky and got bored again and went back upstairs and listened to some more music. I decided it was all over (it was now 4:30am) so I drove K & S home - driving was so precise, I was exactly on the speed limit and everything seemed so perfect. Anyhow.. that's pretty much it. It was a great experience and I hope to repeat it sometime in the near future :D

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