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1st trip ever

a trippadelic experience

a friend of mine told us he could score us some shrooms like after 2 years of looking for some we
had finnaly gotten our hands on them, so me eddie shawn and evan get back to my place like at around 8ish and evan hands me a little baggie of  little gods, i pop the 1.5grams  and start chewing, kinda tasted like sunflower seeds with the shell, after that were just chilling there waiting for them to kick in...... and waiting....... fuck 20minutes into it and i got bored of waiting so started playing some gta4, my friend shawn was the only one who didnt pop any and was just chilling there next to me and evan, a good while had passed and i swear to this day i saw an effing box in the game  mid air rotating hyper fast, i yelled did you see that? evan was like yeah it was a magic box, shawn was like i didnt see anything, it was kinda wierd him not noticing it but me and even were like yeah must of been a glitch or somthing, i quickly found it hard to control my russian friend niko put the control down and stared at the cieling feeling every nerve in my arm tingled and then it hit me, THE SHROOMS @_@,
after like 10 minutes i started to notice every color in the room get brighter, it looked effing awesome O.O a while later i go into the restroom to go take a piss as i flush i see the water vortex get slower and slower and for a second i really believed that it was a giant whirlpool, i snap back to reality and go tell my friend eddy whos on the couch laughing his ass off, then i look at his face while hes talking, dam his face was all wavy and cartoonish, his eyes would get bigger then smaller then ovalie, you know what goes good with shrooms said eddie, a trippy movie
so we make shawn take us to blockbuster with a car full of laughing shroominoids, everyone gets out to rent a movie cept me cause i though the clerk was gonna know i was tripping, PARANOIA @_@, so im there looking at some stuffed annimals that were in the back seat just laughing at them cause they looked so stupid. so we get back home watched fear and lothing in las vegas and i swear all i remember from the entire movie was jonny depp moving around all goofy cartoonishly as if you need to pop shrooms to trip on him. the trip kinda wore off after we started watching fantasia. all in all id say it was a pretty good trip, x_x thinking of trying 2grams next time as soon as i can get some cashola till then
n_n merry tripping n_n and a happy nude year (.) (.)

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