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First Fly Agaric

First and probably last fly agaric experiment

One of my friends and I bought 12.5 grams of amanita muscaria (fly agaric) from my local head shop about one week ago. They were dried and in a air-sealed bag. After eating one segment of a cap each we found that the taste was horrid so we balled up the last of it ( 2 medium sized caps and one large cap each) into small balls and swallowed them whole and sat down waiting to rise. After roughly twenty minutes I saw what appeared to be the body of a person watching me without moving. For about two seconds it had completely white face with black eyes and stared at me and it was quite an  unpleasant feeling. Upon closer inspection I found that this "person" was in fact a tree. A few more minutes passed and the only noticeable effect from the muchrooms was the feeling of smoking a whole bunch of ok weed. That was my trip. My friend just got the intoxicated feeling of some good weed. Did we take too low a dose or was it something wrong in our manner of dosing?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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