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A Literally Insane St. Patties Day

2 Hits of LSD

Some post-story information. I have done one hit of LSD before so I decided to try and do two this time and enter another world. However, having gotten the first hit off a different guy I underestimated how potent these two hits would be. My recollection is a little hazy but I have more or less all the details of that crazy night.

I had come over to my friend's house that tuesday after school, we had been wanting to re-try our lsd experience for a while and we felt tonight was the night. Settling into his house we chill for a bit and decide to go rent a movie from block buster that would be cool to watch while we were tripping, since we had to wait for our guy to come anyways. An idea popped into my head, my friend has never seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas! Well, I figured this would be the most appropriate movie to watch considering what we were about to do. So, we go to blockbuster and return to the house and meet up with our dealer, wearing an acdc shirt.  Who sells us our 6 hits (2 for me and 4 for my friend). We instantly eat our lsd popped in our movie, sealing our fate.

Everything seemed normal for a good 30 minutes, I started to feel it starting to come on after about 45, though it just felt like the coming on of a mushroom trip. No biggie I thought. As the minutes passed by I started becoming more talkative and what not...but when we hit to some of the more trippier part of the movie is when it started to kick in. It was ironically at the part when johnny depth is tripping on acid that it starts to take a hold of us, especially my friend. I went outside to have a cigarette and everything started to appear very weird to me...in a way i can't explain. My friend suddenly felt very nausous and had to go throw up, so he probably didn't experience all of his 6 hits but still he got a huge dose. I fortunately, or unfortunately, however you want to look at it kept it all in my stomach.

As I talked with our dealer and his two friends (one extremely dumb and did nothing but want to get fucked up, and the other was quiet, reserved, but had an aura of confidence). I began to start to really desend into my trip, I looked at their lips moving but I couldn't understand what they were saying...I heard words but I couldn't comprehend them. I couldn't even look at the movie anymore it was messing with my mind too much. I started to enter another reality, my dealer with the acdc shirt had become the devil who gave me my drug, and to me his friends seemed to represent different parts of my personality  manifested in the flesh. It all seemed so real and yet not. Everything did not look right at all, if you looked at this video you will kinda understand, while the effects of this video last about 10 /- seconds, this was constantly happening to me until the end of my trip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khEOHzanBYk.

The dealer and his friends had left, but our friend "Steve" had come back. He noticed something was up obviously judging by the lack of any iris in our eye and we filled him in. So he hung out with us from then. He took us to walmart, on the car ride he blared music which felt euphorically amazing! The music penetrated my skin, flowed through my veins and filled me with energy like I was hard core rolling. The lights streamed everywhere, I could rave with my cigarette and was having a wonderful time. The ride felt like hours when it was probably only about 15-20 minutes.  We got to walmart and there we did random ass shit, the walmart seemed bigger then a country...the aisles stretched for miles...the lights streamed everywhere.

We were then taken to a party where I had a very life changing experience, though very frightening. It was a redneck party, not my kind of scene, I don't even know how I ended up there. But i did not like it. All the hardcore rednecks were inside playing a very competitive game of beer pong, everyone around me was drinking, rolling on the floor, fucking...it was at this point i lost touch with reality. I seriously thought I had taken a trip into the depths of hell, cursing the name of my dealer who was satan in ACDC for opening up the doorway into it and me being too ignorant to realize it. Everyone had morphed into demons and goblins living in sin, and me just trying to be a fly on the wall not trying to get in anyone's way.

I went out side to have a cigarette, I noticed my cigarettes felt different in my hand, they were more mushy...in fact everything in my pockets felt like mush, I could put my hands in my pockets and not distinguish anything by feeling around...it all felt just like mush. I also started to notice an aching in my spine that was starting to arise.

We soon left that party which I was extremely thankful for...4 hours since we had taken our lsd and it still felt like I was peaking. Went to the gas station and restocked on supplies, our friend bought a 2 dollar scratch off and actually hit every number! We were all flipping our shit!! I definitly thought I was tripping that part. At this point my memory begins to get a little hazy...though I remember we attempted to watch the movie again though I could not watch it because it started to freak me out again...I began to seriously freak out, I felt like I was going insane. My mind was going 10000X faster then usual and it felt like I would never escape my trip and I would be destined to be insane forever, I tried meditating and praying and it felt like i could feel God and understand that this was how a tiny fraction of what God was...thinking of everything at once.

We eventually settled down on some music videos and I recommended my favorite band Tool...Wow...I have a new appreciation for their music videos, we all know maynard tripped hard core on acid but if you guys ever trip hard do yourself a favor and look at all their tool music videos, it is a visual treat which I cannot explain but can only simply say that there are so many tiny details in their videos that one can only notice when your tripping and they all some how blend together to form something new...like a new layer and dimension to the video that no sober person looking at it could ever realize was there.

It was 6 hours since we took our hits, the sun had started to come up. We all decided to do another round to walmart and the gas station, then we went to the woods and walked around which was an interesting experience say the less. Everything had life pulsating from it...an energy like small particles running through the trees the was interconnected.

It was 12 AM at that point, while our pupils weren't as dilated we were still tripping and it definitly felt like we were vvverrryy slowly starting to come down. However, my spine felt like it was being crushed by a ton of bricks (no exageration) and I couldn't sit still. I chilled at my friend's house for a couple more hours when I realized I had Philosophy class at 3:35, oh what irony, me in this state in a college philosophy course haha. Well, I got in my car and went to class...still f*cking tripping and sat down. I cursed God when a girl walked in wearing a rainbow tie dye shirt sat down RIGHT in front of me so I was forced to stare at that shirt which made it hard to sit still in class even more while listening to all these intense horrible topics such as all the dying people in the world and how every few seconds some one dies of hunger which made me very uneasy.

However I survived class. I bullshi*ted with everyone for the rest of the day...still pretty messed up though open eyed visuals were long gone (though closed eyed ones were still going)...I also felt like a different person...I felt like I couldn't remember how I acted before I took my lsd and that right now I was forming a new identity which was extremely weird.

Again...another dramatic event happened that night. My fiance's best friend was sucidical so my fiance' was forced to baker act her that very night. SO, I was forced to drive to the hopsital and pick my fiance' up. Afterwards we smoked a lot of weed which started to send me back into a trip. By the time I got home (which was exactly 30 Hours after I took my  hits) I was still impaired, everything in my pockets still felt like mush, my spine hurt so bad, and when I closed my eyes to go to bed (while listening to tool) I was still having closed eyed hallucinations. Normal things and images you would think and see when you close your eyes and about to go to bed were not what I was seeing. What I was seeing was completely random trippy ass things that I can't even remember though I know they were very weird though didn't freak me out....if anything I would say it would be something similar to a tool music video, though it was nothing even remotely similar to what I saw in the videos...though the content of the images seemed similar if that makes sense at all.

Anyways when I woke up I felt completely normal, my spine didn't hurt, my mind felt clear and everything in general just seemed back to normal.

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