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The most intense outdoor trip I've ever had.

My friend and I walk around my neighborhood tripping balls.

I got a call from a friend telling me some chocolates were in town. I was pretty excited, seeing as i havent tripped in 3 months.  I met up with him later that night and he gave me 1 cupcake size chocolate.Supposedly each chocolate had 4 grams in it but idk . At around 10:00 PM i eat it. Its a nice dark chocolate and it tastes ok. At around 11:00 i have a decent body high with the feeling of a very mellow trip, pupils are dilated and I feel slightly euphoric. Around this time I get a call from a friend who also bought some chocolates from the same dude i bought mine from. He bought 6 and has already eaten 3. He's tripping pretty hard and he asks if i wanna meet up with him and go explore outside for the rest of the nightt. I say hell yeah and he laso tels me he's gonna bring me another chocolate and i can eat it. He leaves his house and so do i, at about 1:00 we meet up at the nearby Cuffs. At this time I eat the other chocolate and our expedition begins. We decide we will head to this trippy tunel and jsut trip balls there for a little while. By the time we get there im starting to feel that second chocolate. The tunnel is under a bridge and it was amazing. We basically just chilled there tripping out and having conversations about life for 45 minutes. We both agree that we should leave and find another place to hang out. He tells me he knows where the perfect place is, and off we go. The walk there i started to trip balls. Its about 2:30 and were walknig through his neighborhood, im sorta chilly but its bearable.  The walk to this place was amazing and beautiful. It was so still and placid as we winded up and down streets and hills. We get to this wooded area and walk up this big hill into the woods. My friend has a lazy boy and another chair at the top of this hill in the middle of the fucking woods. This is when the trip really took off. We listened to some music and pretty soon it became evident that this is getting really intense. Literally, were at the top of a very steep hill in the middle of the woods tripping out. For about an hour we lay in our chairs and freak the fuck out silently. I start to wonder what the fuck am I doing up here in the middle of the woods tripping mushrooms at 3:00 AM. I start to ownder how I'll get home and when the trip will start calming down. so we sit there freaking out for aobut an hour enjoying it but also waiting for it to leave. We were peaking so we really couldnt move we were just stuck in our chairs exploring this magical land. Eventually our fear goes away and we listen to a few songs and start a small fire. Its pretty fucking cold. My friend tells me he wants to show me something and I follow. He points to the gorund and I see about 6 tiny, sprouting green plants scattered around this tree. He tells me he planted some fire as chronic about a month ago. I let him know i think thats fucking awesome and we will have alot of dank bud in the future. We walk down the hill and leave the woods. Both of us decide we want to go to our houses. We walk back towards my house, he whole way there talking and still tripping hard. We would stop to look at the sky and marveled at everything around us. When we got to Cuffs we chilled for a bit and parted ways, I headed to my house he to his. We bonded and experienced something amazing together. We both learned alot. When i got to my house it was about 4:30. I laid in my bed and it was pure ecstacy. Unfortunately I was still tripping balls to I maybe got an hour of sleep that night. I consider my firend a very close friend after we lost our minds together for about 6 hours and then regained our sanity. When you experience that with someone you have a close bond with them form then on. He got home safe and everything worked out perfectly. What a night. I slept through all my classes the next day and felt sort of hungover, due to my lack of sleep. I've never experienced anything like that trip. It was strange, scary and amazing.

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