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Let's go outside!

my first

So this most recent Saturday I tripped for the first time with my friend in NY.  We decided to trip at her place because it we knew no one would bother us there.  So we both did an eighth, but we ate them differently.  She ground hers up with her smoothie and I ate them straight.  Anyways, about 20 minutes later we got a stoney effect which lasted at most a half hour.  After this effect dimmed and we started to trip a little I go very adventurous and starting begging her to go outside with me.  Eventually I got her to come outside with me but we only made it maybe 3 blocks before we started getting confused tot he point where we needed to head back to her place.  When we got back we both laid on her bed and starting staring at her walls and ceiling.  This is when it started getting fun.  At this point, I turned to her and I asked her if she thought the walls were breathing.  She laughed and then started to trip a lot harder than I did.  She started to have tracers of her hands as well as the sensation of my body parts growing and shrinking.  At this point I was staring at her textured ceiling.  I eventually realized what was causing me to think the ceiling was liquid, and at one point I thought it was ice.  What had happened was her shades are shutter style so some light can still get into the room and hit the ceiling.  What was happening is the light from outside was always slightly changing.  This in turned caused the parts of the ceiling to be illuminated differently.  My brain interpreted it as the wall actually moving though.  We also had music playing.  I found it so cool that I could somewhat control the ceiling to go along with the music.  At points the ceiling also spun and moved closer and further away from me.  So as this was going on my friend exclaims that the air has turned into rainbows and she could see the air.  I started dying laughing but was jealous because at no point did I get any kaleidoscope effects.  I only got some minor tracers as well.  When the trip passed its peak I started to notice the designs on the wallpaper warping.  At one point the seemed to be slowly moving toward the corner of the room.  Also, there were smaller designs on the wallpaper that started to spin and change shape and size in unison.  A little more time passed and i was able to function well enough to walk around semi-functional.  I remember when I walked into her bathroom she had a lot of purple there and it was darker in the room.  It gave me a very weird feeling.  I realized that at least for me playing with light and color was really cool.  Also when the trip was not as much visual anymore both of us had some extreme emotions.  She had some negative emotions such as feeling a sense of being lost.  As in she felt like she could figure out her place in life, her meaning.  I kept thinking of people that are close to me and having very nostalgic memories.  There are a few things I definitely learned for next time.  I really wished I had more visual toys i.e. textured and patterned designs, possibly different lighting effects, most importantly I learned how essential, for me, a good calm playlist is.  Near the end of the trip both of us felt extremely comfortable like the most comfortable we've ever felt.  I remember cuddling with her felt very very good and calming.

My next planned trip is going to be this summer with my brother and I hope to trip much harder.  I will report in a few months on that trip.  Hope people enjoyed reading about my experience.

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