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LSD goes horribly, horribly wrong.

This is a true story. I shit you not.

It was about a year ago now that I did LSD, it was the first and I can still say the last time I will ever try it. I'm not inexperienced when it comes to drugs, I've done Salvia, Shrooms several times, and have smoked ALOOOTT of Ganj.

As a quick preface I was 19 at the time and my brother was 17.

Anyhow, my brother went through a phase of doing LSD quite often and wanted me to join him. I'd always wanted to try it so I said fuck it and took the plunge. So the day starts normally, we both know we're going to do LSD that day and everything is planned. Our parents are away on vacation, we have the house to ourselves, things are looking up. At about 3 PM we head over to get the tabs and we buy 10 as my brother promised a friend 3. So we end up with 7 tabs for the two of us. Now when it comes to drugs and pretty much anything really, I like to test my limits and I go full throttle towards anything that'll get me fucked. I was not wise and should not have done 3 tabs of LSD my first time. I do not recommend it to anyone. These weren't weak tabs either, my brother had been going to the same guy for awhile now and they had become friends. He gave us good acid.

At around 5PM we take the tabs, I take 2 to start and my brother takes 3. We figure it'll take awhile to set in so we take our dog for a walk. At this point everything is nice outside but the signs are there that it'll soon be raining. I take little note of this and we continue to walk around the neighborhood. Eventually we wonder into this little clump of forest and let our dog run around as she always does. We're both just kind of sitting on a log enjoying the wonders of nature. At this point I start to feel something coming on, the colors are especially vibrant. We decide that as our trips starting to come on we should take the dog back and go chill at our house. This we accomplish.

We sit down and hang around listening to some amazing music for awhile (If you haven't heard of Slightly Stoopid, I'd recommend it for tripping, steady beats awesome lyrics - they're like Sublime/Bob Marley rolled into one). Now, since I'm a total moron I figure why not take the other tab. So I do, my brother follows suit and takes another hit. So now I am on 3 tabs and he is on 4. I'm definitely feeling the effects because as the 3rd tab is just chilling in my mouth I somehow swallow it by mistake... but then strangely I will myself to bring it back. Disgusting I know- as I brought back a mucus covered tab. I still felt vindicated at getting it back though.

Now things are starting to pick up, the music is playing with the visualizer, lots of crazy tripping music is being played. I look straight at my arm, its like I'm flexing my muscles showing everyone my biceps or something... but I swear I was looking at a dinosaur... think of like a mini-Barney instead of your forearm and hand. Thats what I was looking at. This didn't freak me out, it was pretty sick and I commented jokingly on it. My brother was seriously into the music - his whole body was swaying to the beats and he was grinning like an idiot.

Now, my brother and I have a fierce rivalry over the FIFA series on playstation, we get really intense when playing eachother. So we decided to try playing against eachother, this time on acid. I can honestly say it was the most intense game I've ever played. I wish someone sober was there just to appreciate the pure magnificence of that game. The pace we played, the skill shown... it was awesome. All the little dudes were ridiculous colors and the commentator was absolutely hilarious.

At this point things start to get bad. I shit you not, this is all true.

My brother gets a call - its a friend he doesn't really like but since the guy is close and sounding distressed he says its alright to come over. The guy shows up in his room - doesn't knock or ring the doorbell, just walks up with the dog on his heels. I've seen this guy before, he's one sketchy fuck and I am tripping balls at this point, I do now want him there. Apparently I kept asking him who the fuck he was, kept explaining to him that I was on acid and freaking the fuck out, and kept telling him he should leave.

So he sits down and is like, "I just got fucking jumped"... I think to myself he's just fucking with us because he knows we're tripping balls... but then he goes into detail. He says he was on the railway tracks walking to the grocery store and two guys came out of nowhere and demanded his wallet/shoes/watch. He told them to fuck off and they jumped him, he says some random ass hobo came and helped him and took one of the guys off him. My brother's friend says he picked up a rock and smashed in the face of the guy who was still on him. I just laugh at him and say there is no way that just happened. Everything around me is completely alien at this point. Nothing looks like it should, the paused FIFA game is still on TV... i can comprehend this but that is about it.

The guy gets pissed that we think he's fucking with us, so he leaves. We think he's gone - things get better, though I am at this point slightly rattled. Then suddenly he comes back with a rock covered in blood. He proceeds to explain that this is the rock with which he just beat the shit out of someone trying to jump him. This obviously freaks the hell out of me and I tell him he cannot be here right now. I am on acid. I do not need this shit. My brother agrees, eventually the guy leaves.

At this point I am extremely messed up and decide I have to get out of the room - I run down stairs and outside. It starts to rain extremely hard just as I run outside... and I look up at the sky and I cannot begin to give justice through mere words to describe what I saw. It was a swirling mass of colors.. not all spectrums of the rainbow but like greyish/blueish/ocean green... it was incredible. And fucking horrifying.

I run back inside thinking a hurricane is coming (We live in a hurricane state). I get on my brothers computer and he has this weather thing on his desktop so it was easy to get to the weather channel. I don't know if I would have been capable of typing anything at that point. I cannot discern anything to do with text and all I see is the imaging system on the wesbite. I see my town, and I see a big-ass red spot over it, I think that we are all going to die from a hurricane (later I found out it was just a normal heavy rainstorm).

My brother has been tripping hard this entire time just kind of wondering around the house and looking at everything - me freaking out freaks him out and we grab the dog and run into the 1st floor bathroom. We then spend the next few hours in the bathtub thinking we are going to die. I still am scarred from this experience, its a monumentous thing to truly believe you are staring in the face of imminent death, much sooner than you'd like or had otherwise thought. I just sat and thought about everything in my life, I thought about everything to do WITH life. The entire time I had this undiscernable feeling of terror, something I shudder even thinking about to this day. I was facing death and I was unhappy with my life and... man. Just a horrible loop of painful, painful thoughts, all while chilling in a bathtub with someone else going through the same thing. I remember that our dog wasnt freaking out at all - and dogs usually do with severe weather, but I couldn't comperehend anything logical at that point.

We eventually left the bathtub... it was 3 in the morning. By this point it had stopped raining and I had stopped freaking out - but after all that I could not sleep. I tried to. I couldn't. Call me a sissy but I just got up, walked to my brothers room, told him I couldn't sleep and put in a movie.

I woke up on his couch the next morning. I dealt with that trip nightly for 3 months. Though I'm sure LSD is amazing, I know it is not for me.

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