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Salvia is a mindfuck #2

having good music is essential

          The day after part 1 of my reports, around nightfall, I had found a bowl to use, and packed salvia (10x) up, but this time, I was alone. About 10 minutes prior, my brother had showed me an good song, called My Girls, by Animal Collective (which plays a big role during my trip). I stared the song once I started hitting the bowl. I got about 2 decent hits. After the first hit, I chuckled a little bit, and to me, it was really loud, and I felt kind of alone, considerng I wasn't with anybody. Luckily, it didn't ruin my trip. At this point, all I could focus on was my hands, holding the bowl, and smoking it. It felt like the world was spinning around me, and all I saw was my hands, and what they were doing. The song made it a great feeling. I ended up packing about 2 hits worth more. I smoked this, and was in utter amazement, I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, I wasn't focusing anymore at all. At one point, I dropped the screen for the bowl, and it made me tweak, and I didn't know where it was, and then I couldn't find the top to the salvia vial, even though it was in my hand. For a short period of time, I didn't feel like I was high at all. But, when the song was close to half way done, when I decided to try and reenact the feeling I had the previous night. So I laid down on my bed, and I did n't feel anything at first. I was getting anxious and moved around a little, but then I just got comfortable and laid completely still. It ended up kicking in shortly thereafter. I felt the same feeling, but this time I visualized more stuff in my head. Now, I did this even though my older brother really didn't want me to, but, in my trip, I saw and was thinking of telling my brother of how amazing it is, and remembered that I can't let him know. I also pictured something alongs the lines of a ferris wheel, and I can distinctly remember a stuffed bear on the ferris wheel, but what else I saw, I don't remember all too well. But the worst part came when the song ended on my computer, all I heard was the noise of my xbox and computer running. It sounded like a faint scream of a girl being brutally killed. It was horrible. The next thing I knew, I was sitting up on my bed, and I stood up to turn play the song again. After this, the feeling had pretty much worn off, and I was excited to tell my friend over AIM what I had experienced. (Same friend as before, mind you.) Again, I got the munchies, so I grabbed a quick bowl of cereal. Thinking I was sober now, I pulled the cereal box out of the cabinet, and for some reason, I held it close to my face, staring at it, and starting spinning around. I felt out of body again, and it was weird, but funny.
          Not too long after that, I just went to bed, but I messed with my mind in ways that I don't remember and that I couldn't explain even if I did remember it. I would deffinately say that Salvia is a great experience, but I have yet to try any stronger stuff. I'll post part 3 tomorrow, I'm tired. Peace.

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