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Salvia is a mindfuck #1

you shouldnt smoke weed with it, especially out of a g bong

          So about a few weeks ago, me and 2 of my friends decided we would try salvia. We had planned on getting 30 bucks worth of 20x. But, the person who bought it for us, I'm pretty sure, ripped me off 10 dollars and got me 10x instead. Later that night, we used a 2 liter bottle and a bucket and made a nice gravity bong. While me and my one friend were doing it, my other friend decided against it.
          Okay, some background first. Two of my friends and I had never tripped before, and had only smoked marijuana, and we all had started smoking less than a year ago. But, prior to the trip, we had researched it and read stories all about it, just to get to know it a little bit. We read that a comfortable environment is essentially essential. We had everything planned out. My dad wasn't home, and we made 3 pizzas, which were 3 of the best pizzas I've ever eaten. We also put on Pink Floyd, which was excellent backgorund music. So, we smoked right in my room.
          It was about quarter to 8 at night when I packed the salvia in, and I burnt most of it and I took a huge hit of it. I held it in for 20-30 seconds, and I didn't feel anything. But right as I went to exhale the smoke out my window, I started feeling a little out of body. Shortly thereafter, my friend told me that there was another hit, so I took it. I only took a lot because at the time I didn't feel much and wanted to get really fucked up. When the one bong pack was empty, he started packing in some buds. I didn't want to smoke weed with it because I simply wanted to just experience the salvia. But, at the time, I was so fucked up that I went with it, and also packed more salvia. So, I took another huge rip of it, and at that point, my room which is painted brown, started to have a dark pink look to it. The feel of it was really relaxing. After that one hit, I walked out of my room and threw myself onto my couch. As soon as I did, they told me it was my hit. So I got up and smoked some more. (I kind of regret this, because I was so worried about smoking more, I didn't really allow myself to experience it fully.) After that hit, my room was pretty much hotboxed, because along with the gravity bong, my friend who didn't smoke salvia packed up a bowl and smoked it to his dome. He even started to feel weird because of the extra salvia smoke in the air. Around this time, I put my head in my hands, out of excitement of how awesome the high felt. My hands stayed covering my face for quite a while, and I then just walked into a corner of my room and just stared. My friend starting laughing at what I thought was me, and it kind of killed the feel, but he was actually laughing my other friend who was acting weird. I'm going to be honest when I say, at first, the high wasn't too good because mixed with the weed, I felt a fucked up sort of fucked up.
          This is where the climax of the trip took place. I had been feeling wobbly, and awkward, so I laid down on my stomach on my bed. The right side of my face was on the pillow. Almost momentarily, I started having the craziest feeling on the right side of my body. It felt like it wasn't even there, and felt really unexplainably weird, but amazing. I started picturing things in my head, and from what I know, I was tripping, although I don't exactly remember what I saw. What ruined it, was that my one friend was who didn't smoke with us was being a douchebag, and kept putting his cell phone in my face, which messed up the trip. I laid there for a long time, I'm not exactly sure how long though, trying to get back into that state. Since then, my state of mind is really different, in a good but odd way. Then, the salvia started wearing off, but I had a really new and different weed high.
          Soon, we had to go back to my friend's house real quick to do something. We walked there, which was very interesting and awesome experience, and picked up another friend of ours, which was a bad, but not too bad, idea.
          When we got back, we were all pretty much sober, so we packed more salvia into a bowl. This time, the three of us who were there from the start, smoked, and each got 2 hits. They both acted kind of weird, and one of them had some sort of trip and was messed up. He threw a slice of pizza at my door for no reason, and he threw an apple core at my window, but even though the window was open, I have a screen to my window. (I don't care though, because it was an amazing night.) I laid in my living room alone for a minute. I had to recoop and experience what was going on. I didn't get too high that time, but I think it was because my high earlier was intense. Both times I smoked, I got like super-munchies, and I ate probably an entire pizza alone. I don't know if that's a common effect of salvia, but anyways, eating was nice. One thing that was wrong, was that the friend we got on the way home, was playing gay music and was on his laptop the whole time, and was a little weird, but he's normally weird. lol
          That night when I went to bed, (about 1 in the morning) I was sober, but in the best mood I've ever been in. It was amazing. Now, I'm new to psychodelics, and I'm only 14, but this was well worth the money, and was incredible. I deffinately would suggest it.


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