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6th shroom trip!

best i ever had

 Let me start off by saying I have not done shrooms in over a year since this trip...and it was crazier then any other time.

So I had a buddy get me some shrooms, about an 8th.
We were suppose to do them together but he has a daughter to take care of so the plans changed.
anyway the day i got them, i took out a little more than half of an 8th, and chewed it down with soda crackers.
My father was talking with me and my bro and after about a half an hour i felt the trip comming on, so to get the fuck away from my dad i said "i gotta use the bathroom"
that's when i went in my room, and the lights were going from bright to dim over and over, so i just hopped in my bed and tried to relax.

I always wanted to draw on shrooms, and write my thoughts...so this was my chance. I grabbed my journal, and started letting my pencil move with the mushrooms.
I drew very odd pictures, such as a window with the words "REALITY" outside of it. and a picture of a weird dog looking thing with a picture of the grim reaper right behind him.
Before i knew it I had to stop drawing because of the shrooms. I only could think of how much my family means to me, and i started to realize that i'm growing up, and it was sad but amazing at the same time...
i'm 17 and and I got myself outta highschool using internet class so I started realizing just how quickly im becoming an adult, and how old everyone around me is getting, and that i should put more time into my loved ones.
other than my emotional effects, my visual effects were things like the designs in my curtains were writing my name which was pretty crazy, and then i looked up at my walls and saw pink hands comming out with the words "Help!"
I just laughed and said "I can't help you, your a wall!"

this is the trip that changed my life and im sorry i never got too much into detail.
people get shrooms so misunderstood, it's not all about the visuals and stuff...it's about the impact with your emotions too heh...

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