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day at the park

good and bad

It was a nice day out. In florida.  Me and my friend decided to get some shrooms and go fishing at this camping grounds park..  It was his first time and my second.  I had the idea that i could be the sitter of this trip and no matter what heppend, i could calm us down cuz i had done it before.  WELL   we parked my car by the lake and proceeded to scout the park a little.  the effects were starting to kick in a little.  the trees were very interesting and what not.  we then got our rods ( no pun intened) and started to fish.  All of a sudden, my freind started to explain that he was feeling strange and that he couldnt explain what he was feeling.  I told him that it was the shrooms and that he would be fine and that he should jsut start fishing and enjoy the lake view.  He coudlnt and jsut sat down.  Because at the jump he wasent feeling to good, i was worried about my trip.  So about 5 min later  his friends came by. None of them did any drugs accept pot, and they pretty much jsut drank beer all the time.    They had never seen anyone on shrooms nor could they handle anyone on them properly. so as their presence presisted, i started to feel strange and knew i was aout to start to trip.  ( i had taken them about 30 min after my frind cuz i had to drive back from the dealer which was 30 min away). Becasue i started to feel weird, i sat down  next to my freind who was jsut staring at the lake.  i knew he wasent having a good time.  then his skin started to wrinkle and it looked like he was decaying.  There were hundreds of vians squerming under his skin and he looked liek he was dieing.   I knew we had to get away from his freinds who were jsut fucking with us.  So i told my freind to come with me and explore the nature in the park.  as we left them, it was as though we had walked out of reality.  The absance of sober poeple seemed to propel the trip emensly.  As we stagered further away from them, my freind began to talk about his life and child hood and how he wishes he never did shrooms and that he has neglected alot of freinds do to his pot smoking.  he was on the verge of tears and felt terrible. I talked to him using terms and ideas from my psychology class to give him the sense that i was there for him and that everything was going to be fine.  So as we walked  it was liek we were walking on this path that was his life and everytime we stoped, we would see somethign beautiful and all his fears would go away. But then as we started walking, he proceeded to talk about his life and started to feel bad.  as the topics got deeper, the mood of the surounding nature began to darken and intensify.  we were on a hill and it literealy was bringing our emotions down, the same way gravity moves a ball down a hill.  this was very upseting and made us both almost cry.  we jsut kept walking and walking getting lsot in the park. as we were lost in this huge park, time seemed to have escaped and meant nothing. we kept saying time means nothing.  then we came to a stop around this bathroom, cuz we began to become parinoid that time and death and life was going to end and that we woudl never stop triping.  we were fucked cuz our friends had left and we were lsot.  we finaly got  a hold of someone to pick us up.  the car ride seemed liek it was going 5 mile and hour, but i looked art the speedometer and it was like 30.  after we got back to our fishing place, i started to freak a little.  i had kept telling my freind he was feeling the way he was cuz he was on shrooms and i was telling my self that too, but that didnt help me much. so i called a freind who had done it before, jsut so he could giv me some words to clear what i was feeling.   i was scared that my mother would find out and i kept telling him that hahhahaha  he was like chilllll the fuck out. the whole convo felt like it was this once in a lifetime convo that everyone has where the topic was, "dont worry, you will be fine, this happens to eveyone".  this felt liek a dream that this was heppening, but as thoguh it happend before to me, and to somone else at the same time.


after the phone call we called a good freind to pick us up.  we decided to go to fridays.  i had my car so i had to drive.  there was this smell that i smelt in my freinds car and in my car and everywhere i went taht was liek some kind of ancient smell.  liek a smell of good hang out times in my child hood.  

then at fridays  all the people seemed to look all very strange, liek diff shapes.  the lighting was bringing me down and theri eyes seemed to each have a diff story.  everysound related to exactly what i saw, wether it be a shelf or a beatels poster.  so much shit in fridays.

when we left, i had to drive again and that was fine  but interesting.   when i got home  it felt like i had been gone for years. i felt taller and the hosue smelled liek that ancient smell but with a twist. i was still tripping and my parents were home. i think i acted fine, but it was sooo strange to talk to them. i some how went up staris and took a shower. in the mirror, my naked body was moving. my muscles and skin seemed to squerm.  in the shower my hands felt bigggg. and i felt liike i was cleaning my troubles away.

when i got in my room  i heard my parents talking dopwnstaris.  it was hard to hear what they were takining about cuz the didnt seem happy. it was liek mindelss chatter. jsut to get through the day together.  but i was over anylysing cuz i was on shrooms.   i opened my psych book and began to read. it was liek reading a childrens book. the letters were big and sentances were wll spaced out.  i studies hard core that night.  then  when i was done, i wrote 4 pages worth of notbook paper about my room and how i had forgoten about things in it.  all of the things related to my present past and future.  my clsoet door was swinging back and fourth as i wrote, and my posters were all waving.  i finaly ended by watching tv, which i deeply anylized how well placed the comercials were and saw all the subliminal material.  holly crap BK.  not good... hahah.  

well that was pretty much it.  lots left out and lots of unsaid feelings, but over all  a good trip.    idk realy what level this could be ... tell me if im wrong on the leveling of this trip.

thanks for reading and i hope you got something out of it.

and  dammmm sorry for it being so long. 

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